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7 min readMar 21, 2024

The Web3 space moves fast, and we know it. With Forward as the gateway to interfacing and leveraging Web3 technology, it is essential that you have all the correct and updated information about our project.

This piece will answer our community’s most pressing and frequently asked questions concerning our project, current and long-term goals, and plans to achieve them.

What is Forward?

Inspired by WordPress’s simplicity, Forward is the AI-driven, no-code solution for Web3 adoption. It provides a suite of no-code, affordable tools that enable users to create blockchains, subnets, and decentralized applications (dApps) without needing any technical knowledge.

Forward allows seamless deployment on over 800 chains from the Forward Factory.

The project uses a modular architecture and ready-to-deploy dApp templates, making it especially suitable for Web2 businesses, developers, and other types of users to adopt blockchain technology quickly. By lowering the barrier to entry for blockchain adoption, Forward seeks to provide access to the technology and foster a more inclusive Web3 ecosystem.

How Does Forward Work?

Forward employs a unique framework designed to simplify the adoption and implementation of Web3 technology, making it accessible to users regardless of their technical expertise. Here’s a closer look at how it works:

1. Modular Architecture: Forward uses a modular design, allowing users to select and customize the components they need for their specific use cases. This operating model enables a wide range of functionalities, from token creation and distribution to more complex operations like setting up decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) or implementing smart contract systems for various uses.

2. No-Code Tools: Forward offers a suite of no-code tools from a non-technical interface that enables users to create and manage Web3 and blockchain projects even without any programming knowledge. Users can create digital assets, deploy blockchains, subnets, and decentralized applications (dApps) blockchain networks, and build new templates using a user-friendly interface, similar to how non-technical users can create websites using drag-and-drop website builders like WordPress.

3. Extensive dApp Library: Forward reduces the complexity and cost of developing and deploying Web3 applications by offering a versatile library of customizable decentralized applications. Forward’s pre-built and ready-to-deploy dApps are the epicenter of its effectiveness and efficiency. Each dApp is designed and can be modified to serve various purposes, including but not limited to educational platforms, content management, and financial transactions.

4. Interoperability and Scalability: Forward’s focus on interoperability allows different blockchain networks and Web3 applications to communicate and work together seamlessly. This feature is crucial for creating a more integrated and efficient Web3 ecosystem. With over 800 networks integrated into the Forward Marketplace, it ensures access to different scalability, security, affordability, and interoperability solutions.

5. Community and Ecosystem Development: Forward focuses on building and supporting a community of developers, users, and enthusiasts who can contribute to the platform’s growth. It provides resources, support, and incentives to encourage innovation and development. This community-driven approach helps to ensure the project remains relevant and adapts to the evolving needs of its users.

Why is $FORWARD a Good Investment?

$FORWARD is the native token of Forward, designed to serve key functions that support and incentivize participation in the Forward ecosystem.

The Forward project also employs a tokenomic model designed to maintain the viability of its token economy with a combination of wide-ranging use cases, token release schedules, and vesting programs.

Some of these use cases include:

  • Governance and DAO roles
  • Covering transaction fees
  • Payment for services and special functions
  • Incentives and rewards
  • Ecosystem development projects and initiatives
  • Trading on centralized and decentralized exchanges

The year-round demand for $FORWARD based on its variety of functions makes it a reliable asset for holders, who also serve as the defacto suppliers for every class of participants in the ecosystem.

Where Can I Buy $FORWARD?

$FORWARD trading pairs are listed on different centralized and decentralized exchanges with a global reach. Currently, you can buy $FORWARD in the following markets:

Why is Forward Called the WordPress of Web3?

Forward is called the WordPress of Web3 because it adapts an approach similar to WordPress, using a templated model to streamline the launch process. While WordPress’ model was hugely successful in Web2, Forward has perfected the solutions that make it the perfect Web3 adoption solution for different classes of users.

However, the similarities rather than differences earned Forward its moniker. These include:

  • A dApp template library (similar to WordPress plug-ins)
  • A non-technical, no-code interface that lowers the technicality barrier
  • Drag-and-drop functionality
  • Community of developers improving the template library

How Long Does It Take to Deploy a Template?

Selecting and deploying a simple template from the Forward Marketplace takes less than two minutes.

In cases where users need to make extensive modifications, they can still deploy their template within a few hours instead of the standard weeks-long process characteristic of blockchain adoption.

How Do I Choose a dApp Template in the Forward Factory?

Each template in the Marketplace has a detailed description and deployment video tutorial that helps users navigate the options available in the Forward Factory. All the customizable templates can also be easily modified to meet the specific demands and peculiarities of different user situations and deployed on your network of choice.

Carefully review the publicly available information about each dApp template to find the most suitable solution for your goals. Customize, deploy, and launch your dreams into Web3.

What is Forward’s Advantage Over Other Web3 Tools?

Currently, Forward supports deployment on 800+ chains, which affords a degree of flexibility and interoperability that no other Web3 deployment toolkit matches. The extensive library of Web3 templates also gives users a wide range of customization and deployment options.

Forward supports multiple programming languages for developers while offering a no-code front-end that also serves developers, businesses, and every other class of users. Its suitability and versatility also set it apart from standard developer assistant tools that are only usable by technically savvy Web3 participants.

Finally, Forward operates an open marketplace where users can transparently assess the deployment stats, developer reviews, ratings, etc., to make the best choices.

What is Forward’s Revenue Model?

Forward generates the revenue to maintain and regulate its marketplace and ecosystem through percentages charged on transaction fees and protocol-level processes.

Some of these fees can be in the form of:

  • 20% commission from fees charged by developers and designers
  • Percentage share of gas fees charged by deployment chain
  • On-chain gas fees accrued from Forward Chain
  • Periodic deployment and renewal fees

What is W3–4U?

W3–4U is our versatile AI assistant designed to cater to developers and users within the Forward ecosystem. It embodies our commitment to simplify complex processes, provide guidance, and streamline the dApp development and deployment process.

W3–4U has different modules that specialize in various areas of the template creation and deployment process.

The Frontend AI Designer tool allows developers to create intuitive and engaging user interfaces for their dApps. This tool suggests designs with aesthetically and performance-optimized elements and layouts.

The Smart Contract AI Audit tool employs advanced algorithms to meticulously review and validate the integrity of smart contracts, ensuring they are free from vulnerabilities and optimized for peak performance. While it does not substitute for full security audits, it can significantly aid and fast-track the audit process.

Our AI Content Creator generates relevant training and guides to help users interact with dApps and launch them to the marketplace.

Developers can edit and improve the recommendations of W3–4U according to their specific situations using the front-end drag-and-drop builder.

What are the Roles of Forward Developers?

A Forward developer is a professional with sufficient knowledge of creating, modifying, and uploading dApp templates to the Forward Marketplace. The role involves the ability to use pre-existing open-source smart contracts or code new smart contracts.

While front-end development does not require the same amount of training or experience because of Forward’s no-code front-end builder, Forward developers play crucial roles in maintaining the template in the Forward Marketplace.

Forward rewards its developers with multiple income streams, resume resume-building opportunities, and early access to join a developing Web3 ecosystem with almost limitless growth potential.

When Will Blockchains and Subnets Be Live on Forward Factory?

The team will provide more updates as they continue to push forward to deliver new features and upgrades to the Forward Marketplace. Our Forward Factory v4 is already in development, and more updates will be issued as they become available.

No official date has been announced yet.

Got More Questions?

Hopefully, this piece has clarified and helped you align with our project’s current goals and long-term expectations.

Forward’s commitment to transparency and accountability remains undisputed. We welcome the questions and feedback from our community members. Our team also continues to look for opportunities to improve and drive innovation to meet the changing needs of the Web3 market.

Reach out to us on any of our social media channels, and our mods will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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