Crowning Forward Protocol’s Meme Lords

Forward Protocol
3 min readDec 22, 2021


It’s meme o’clock!

This is the official role-call for all memers, meme lords, funny boys and girls, and every community member to participate in Forward Protocol’s upcoming meme contest.

The community is at the heart of Forward Protocol’s vision and as the saying goes, “communities that share memes together, stick together.” Join the community as we unwind and have some fun with some of the Forward jpegs you already have flying around.

How to Participate

This meme contest is open to every community member, and as a community committed to transparency, let’s run through the rules of participation.

  • Starts — 22/12/21, 03.00 pm UTC
  • Ends — 29/12/21, 03.00 pm UTC

Memes must also fulfill the following criteria to be considered valid entries -

  • Memes should be unique and must be your creation. Stolen memes will not be tolerated.
  • Applications should be Forward-related. This folder contains brand resources that you can use in your memes.
  • Winners will be selected according to uniqueness, humor, creativity, and skill.
  • Entries must be submitted on our Discord channel “Meme Contest” to be considered valid.
  • Community members can vote on all entries. The Forward Team will choose 3 winners from the 20 most liked memes by the community.

Participants should also note that -

  • The winning memes will be featured in the official Forward Meme Pack on telegram.
  • The Forward Team reserves the right to disqualify any offensive content as it sees fit.

Reasons to Participate

Forward Protocol aims to assure transparent rewards for participation in value-based systems. Maintaining the same energy, we also arranged other exclusive prizes for our winners -

  • 1st place: $50 worth of $FORWARD* + Forward Exclusive Club Membership (more information to be revealed soon!)
  • 2nd: $50 worth of $FORWARD*
  • 3rd: $30 worth of $FORWARD*

*The price of $FORWARD will be in accordance to the current market price at the date of distribution.

So, you know what to do!

Get cracking! Create your memes, share them with your friends and encourage them to like and share your posts. DO NOT forget to share your memes on our “Meme Contest” channel on Discord for your entry to be considered valid.

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