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3 min readSep 18, 2023


You already know about Forward’s mission to create straightforward and rewarding paths for you to access the smart contracts and applications you need to unlock the limitless opportunities in the wonderful world of blockchain and Web3.

Rootstock joined us on this mission because of our shared goals, and now, we are about to take the next step forward together.

Prepare for the Forward — Rootstock ‘Deploy and Transact for a Stack’ campaign!

Continue reading to learn how to stake your claim of the $5000 prize pool.

What is the Deploy and Transact for a Stack Campaign? 🔍

The Deploy and Transact for a Stack campaign is a collaboration between Forward and Rootstock to support and reward participants and contributors to an active blockchain ecosystem on Rootstock’s native network.

This campaign is a strategic announcement of our commitment to making blockchain accessible and rewarding to every user, irrespective of technicality level. The no-code interface of Forward’s Marketplace provides the channel to customize and deploy the smart contracts and dApps that will be considered eligible in this campaign.

How to Participate

This campaign is open to every blockchain user. We have implemented a few participation criteria to ensure transparency and fairness throughout the process.

Follow these easy steps to enter the campaign:

  1. Sign-up at
  2. Connect your Metamask Wallet (Add $RBTC to cover gas fees)
  3. Go to the Forward Marketplace to assess over 20 custom ready-to-deploy dApp templates.
  4. Select the dApp you want to deploy.
  5. Customize your preferred dApp from the no-code interface.
  6. Deploy the dApp to RSK Mainnet.
  7. Create a Tweet with a brief description and link to your deployed dApp (found in ‘My Applications’),
  8. Visit and RT the campaign

How to Win 🏆

To win the Deploy and Transact for a Stack campaign, you must have met the following requirements:

  1. Deployed a dApp on RSK Mainnet from the Forward Marketplace.
  2. At least 100 completed transactions recorded on the deployed dApp.

Campaign Reward 💰

The Deploy and Transact for a Stack campaign offers a prize pool of $5000 for 35 unique winners

  • 1st: $1000 — dApp with highest number of transactions.
  • 2nd: $500 — dApp with 2nd highest number of transactions.
  • 3rd: $300 — dApp with 3rd highest number of transactions.
  • 4th-35th: $100 — dApps with the 4th to 35th highest number of transactions.
  • Total: $5000

Ps: Every winning dApp must have at least 100 completed transactions.


  1. How can I get the contract address after deployment?

You can find the addresses of the contracts you deploy in different ways:

– Through your wallet activity.

– From the Forward Telegram channel when deployed.

2. How can I get the link to the front-end of the dApp?

– Check the ‘My Applications’ section in the Forward Factory

– Through the Forward Telegram channel when deployed.

About Forward — Forward uses an easy-to-use WordPress-like model to facilitate a no-code environment that users can use to deploy their dApps, subnets and blockchains without technical knowledge. Applications and smart contracts from Forward can be deployed on Rootstock and any EVM, Rust, Go, Haskell, and Python-compatible chain in a few clicks. Visit Forward Factory to get a head start.

Additional resources:

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Visit the Forward YouTube channel for more videos like these.

About Rootstock — Rootstock is a secure smart contracts platform built on the Bitcoin network. The Rootstock blockchain supports a freer, fairer, and more decentralized world by providing a platform to deploy EVM-compatible smart contracts. It extends Bitcoin’s capabilities to enable smart contracts without compromising its core layer and allows users to build the next biggest Bitcoin DeFi protocol.



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