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4 min readJan 13, 2022

Dubai is currently living up to its nickname “the city of Gold” as more world famous investors dock in this famous gulf port. Considered the largest of the 7 emirates of UAE, Dubai’s population of over 4 million people is mostly inhabited by foreigners because of its business-friendly environment. Forward’s co-founder, Mr. KEY is the latest entrepreneur to make Dubai his new home.

It is quite obvious why Mr. KEY would choose Dubai to be his new home, considering the whole country is pro-crypto — Dubai recently issued NFT stamps in commemoration of its 50th anniversary. Moreover, the city’s progressive model and friendly business environment has attracted many notable personalities in disruptive technology, including Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao.

Mr. KEY couldn’t have found a better home given Dubai’s outspoken crypto culture. As he settles in, let’s see how Forward Protocol, Mr. KEY’s latest entrepreneurial endeavor along with Mitch Rankin, could fit in the ever-expanding blockchain empire in Dubai.

Dubai’s Crypto Culture

Dubai is the perfect destination for any disruptive technology due to its accommodative blockchain laws. Despite Covid-19 making it difficult for travel, Dubai has been able to host several large-scale blockchain events. These events included:

  • The May 2021 AIBC UAE: The AIBC was a blockchain summit also dedicated to artificial intelligence. This event was held in the Dubai Festival City, located close to the Dubai Creek Tower construction site. The Dubai Creek Tower is expected to be the tallest structure in the world upon completion.
  • October 2021 Crypto Expo Dubai (CED): This event was dedicated to investors and crypto leaders, providing them with a platform to explore more business opportunities in the blockchain niche.
  • The Word of Web3 Summit: Also held in October, the WOW Summit was held at Atlantis The Palm. The WOW was intended to connect blockchain leaders, crypto traders, blockchain developers, fund managers, VCs, CEOs and influencers in the blockchain industry. This event witnessed the first and biggest NFT Expo, with some of the leading NFT marketplaces holding their auctions.
  • October 17th 2021 Future Blockchain Summit: Held at the Dubai World Trade Center, this summit was a massive blockchain tech event highlighting some of the best achievements and innovations made in the blockchain industry. Forward Protocol will have a lot to show the world in subsequent Future Blockchain Summits since this event aims to provide business-use blockchain solutions and expertise on implementing these solutions.
  • The 19th Global edition of World Blockchain Summit: The largest world blockchain summit was held between 13–14 October 2021 at JW Marriot Marquis Hotel in Dubai. This event was an elite gathering of the global blockchain ecosystem and focused on the pertinent issues affecting the blockchain ecosystem. The event witnessed a charity boxing match pitting different blockchain influencers.

These and major previous blockchain-centered events have helped put Dubai at the epicenter of all matters blockchain. Every blockchain-related business wishing to appear on the world map would not miss out on a chance to set base in the city. Thanks to the DMCC economic zone, you can easily set up your blockchain business in the city in the desert without worrying about painful statutory fees.

The DMCC Crypto Centre located in the Almas Tower is a thriving cryptocurrency ecosystem and a gateway to global blockchain technology trading. It’s the perfect hub for the development and application of blockchain tech for all company types and sizes.

Setting the Stage for Success

Compared to the American Silicon Valley, Berlin, or Miami, Dubai has a combined traditional and formal crypto culture that propels the city to be the world’s number 1 hub for blockchain innovations and trade. Moving to Dubai will help Mr KEY propel Forward Protocol’s plan by leveraging the numerous blockchain events in Dubai every year.

Even better, Dubai’s blockchain-friendly laws and legislation may just be what Forward Protocol needs. Such support is critical for an inventive tech that looks to propagate its effortless & instant blockchainization model to partners who are interested in deploying decentralized applications or becoming part of the Forward Ecosystem in one way or another. Dubai city with such a rich crypto activity is the ideal stage to fast track Forward’s success story. Mr. KEY is not wasting any time, either: ever since his arrival there, he has attended a multitude of meetings with partners, investors, potential users and much more, which we are keeping under wraps for now! And his calendar is only getting busier…!

If you are staying in Dubai or visiting, consider dropping him a message and you will get to find out exactly why Forward has such a dedicated team working around the clock to turn the vision into reality.

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