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4 min readMay 3, 2024


Since it went live, the testnet phase of Forward Factory Version 4 (FFV4) has given users a preview of the new template and interface improvements coming with Forward Factory’s mainnet domain.

This article is an introduction to one of the new dApp templates in V4 — the Meme Token template. Continue reading for an in-depth step guide about the Meme Token Template, its versatile applications, deployment scenarios, and everything else you need to customize and deploy a successful Web3 meme token project.

Getting to Know the Meme Token Template

The Meme Token template is an intuitive, customizable dApp template with all the functionalities and resources users need to quickly create and launch a meme token project. It allows meme token projects to manage administrative tasks such as community rules, DEX trading links, tokenomics, project management, and other technical functions from a no-code interface.

The Meme Token template comes with a user friendly interface that aligns seamlessly with the ‘chill vibes’ associated with the category of cryptocurrencies it is named after.

Meme tokens are a class of cryptocurrencies built around movie characters, cartoons, animal memes, popular individuals, etc. These types of tokens can be based on almost anything. In some cases, it is even based on imaginary characters created by the project. These projects take a lighthearted approach to almost everything, from community building to tokenomic models, team PFPs, brand image, language, etc.

How to Deploy the Meme Token Template

To fully customize and deploy the Meme Token template from the Forward Factory, you only need five minutes to go through a few easy steps.

During the deployment process, token deployers can set all the parameters for their meme token, including name, ticker, project description, social media channels, DEX trading links, etc.

Below is a walkthrough of how to deploy the Meme Token Template:

  • Go through the front-end customization menu.

Drag and drop design elements and edit the template material for your meme project. Be creative!

  • Customize the contract: Adjust settings according to your project’s parameters.
  • Preview your meme project and double-check before you launch.
  • Click and deploy: You’ve gone through all the steps, and you’re ready to launch your own meme project.

It’s that easy!

Admin Panel vs. Frontend Page

Once launched, the Meme Token template has two interfaces — the admin panel and the frontend page — with different functions according to the user’s role.

The admin panel is only accessible to the template deployer and team members with access to this area. It allows the admin member to access and edit technical and administrative parameters about the project, including but not limited to token name, symbol, total supply, and DEX trading info.

The frontend page is open to every community member of the meme project.

From this page, they can learn more about the meme project, get social media links, find markets, buy the meme token, etc.

More Updates Ahead of V4 Launch

The Meme Token template is live on the testnet version of Forward Factory Version 4. It is one of the latest templates to be released with the full launch of the Marketplace’s V4 domain, integrated with intuitive, AI-assisted customization and deployment functions aimed at optimizing the Web3 experience for all.

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