Forward Hackathon Report: Winning Templates, Honorable Mentions, and Marketplace Updates

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4 min readJun 6, 2024


Forward’s Web3 magic visited the ITMO University as the prestigious campus hosted us and our creative hackers for the first Forward Hackathon event. We put out the call for the most creative Forwardians, and the level of passion and critical problem-solving we witnessed throughout the four-week event blew our minds.

The result?

New intuitive templates for the Marketplace, memorable team-building moments, special experiences, and a lot of photos with smiling faces.

We extend special gratitude to everyone who contributed to the success of this monumental event — our gracious hosts, relentless developers, creative professionals, technical experts, support staff, and community members.

Now, let’s get to the juicy details of the Forward Hackathon.

4 Weeks, 20 Teams, Countless Hours of Web3 Hacking

60 participants from 20 teams turned up to the opening day of the hackathon event, and it was all systems go from that point forward.

Over the next four weeks, we had first-row seats to each team’s perspectives, fresh ideas, and unique execution sequences. From brainstorming sessions to 24-hour coding marathons, pitches, and AMAs, the hackathon was the epitome of the intensive, barrier-breaking work that has become a feature of the Forward project.

Meet the teams that threw their hats into the ring:

Winning Teams and Templates

Every team that entered the hackathon contest mesmerized us with their brain power. That’s why we left it to the experts on our panel to observe every step leading up to the final submission of their smart contract templates.

These experts checked every task, milestone, and deliverable to ensure the viability of every template that could potentially be listed in the Marketplace at the end of the event.

12 teams progressed to the finals and submitted their solutions for assessment.

Our experts chose 8 of the 12 teams as top finalists.

Three winning teams and seven templates emerged from the final eight teams, selected according to the relevance, functionality, and performance of their templates.

*Team MoreTech is making final improvements to its four templates. The team will receive an additional $3000 if the templates become fully functional.

**Team ioob received an additional $250 for its Asset Management Trust Template

All the winning teams will receive $2000 worth of publicity and exposure from Forward’s media partner, Cryptopolitan.

Updates in the Marketplace

All the winning templates, including the honorable mentions, have been added to the Forward Marketplace’s testnet. After the final rounds of testing and improvements, these templates will be launched with the mainnet release of Forward Factory’s V4.

Other than new templates, Forward Factory V4 comes with a more intuitive user interface (UI) and responsive APIs. Stay tuned for exciting updates and crucial improvements to the comprehensive Web3 experience you already enjoy in the Forward Factory.

Success in All Its Forms

We arrived in St. Petersburg with high expectations for the first Forward Hackathon event. We left with a firm resolution that we have the creativity and responsiveness to lead innovation within the Web3 space.

The Forward Hackathon assembled some of the brightest problem solvers across different industries, working round-the-clock for four weeks to build unique templates for the Forward Marketplace. The success we achieved and the wholesome experience of the entire event exceeded our highest expectations.

We have more exciting news ahead of V4’s mainnet launch. Follow our social media channels to be the first to learn about our big moves.

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