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Once every 365¼ days, the earth makes a full cycle around the sun and we know that we have completed another year. Humans have found different ways to commemorate this monumental event since we figured out the cyclical nature of the galaxy we live in. And in subsequent centuries, we have seen ancient traditions such as the Akitu festival evolve into more sophisticated rituals such as sharing meals with loved ones and new year resolutions.

In short, getting another year under your belt is a big deal that should be commemorated in socially acceptable ways. As a fast-developing project in one of the best-performing sectors in the world in recent history, one of the logical ways to celebrate this massive achievement is through our annual progress report.

Trying to fit the events of a whole into a single article is never an easy task. However, we relish a challenge, and this one may be one of the easiest things we had to do this year.

2022 — What a Year!

2021 ended on such a positive note for Forward Protocol and the entire blockchain space, so it was only natural that we headed into this year with our optimism through the roof! In retrospect, 2022 has been of the hardest years for many people in the crypto space. It may be the recency bias talking, but 2022 may have been a tougher year than the early days of 2013, the depths of 2017, or the intermittent stutters of 2021.

None of that stopped us from putting in our best toward the Forward cause. We made a commitment when we embarked on our mission to make blockchain adoption straightforward and rewarding for users of all classes, and our motivation remains unwavering. 2022 came with many lessons and experiences that have left us in a better place to succeed in the world we live in today, which is a very different one from a year ago.

Forward Moves ⏩

It feels like yesterday, but it’s been a year since we published our report for 2021, and a lot of things changed over the year that followed. However, our commitment to continuity and consistency never waivered even in the most trying periods.

Interoperability remains a significant question that needs to be resolved before mass blockchain adoption becomes a real possibility. DeFi protocols that interact seamlessly with traditional finance systems as well as CeFi and DeFi networks will be the future of the blockchain, and that is what we strived to build throughout 2022.

Our mantra grew more popular as the year progressed — Forward does not compete with anyone; we collaborate to make the blockchain adoption vision straightforward for every potential participant. We backed our words with our actions, and these moments highlighted our commitment to the cause -

Partnerships 🤝

No one builds anything worthwhile by working alone, and Forward Protocol never had to walk alone in 2022. We entered strategic partnerships and collaborations that have helped us stay on course with our vision for the project.

Innovating and Influencing 🎯

In a world where the relationship between reputation and perception exists in a precariously balanced bilateral relationship, 2022 highlighted the need for the most stable and reliable personalities to represent the blockchain.

This year, our co-founders were very active within the blockchain space, making appearances as guest speakers on the biggest forums, influencing large audiences, and shaping the perception of our project. Their mission goes beyond building the brand equity of Forward Protocol. It extends to the entire blockchain space, helping to build the ecosystem we all crave — with less volatility, more transparency, and maximum usability.

We devoted 2022 to attending the biggest global blockchain events. Forward Protocol was at -

  • MetaWeek
  • Art Dubai
  • AIBC UAE Expo
  • WOW Summit
  • ETH Dubai
  • Synopsis Summit
  • Mindrock event
  • CV VC Africa and Luno event
  • EcoX Dubai
  • CV Summit 2022 in Zug
  • 21st Jordan Financial Expo & Award event
  • Arab Blockchain Week

Blockchain Education 💡

Education is an excellent tool for social equality and economic development. It is also the most reliable method for bridging the knowledge gap that remains the most obvious obstacle to mass blockchain adoption.

Throughout this year, we dedicated hours to creating helpful educational material and expended the full strength of our social network to attract insightful and charismatic blockchain masterminds on our social media channels.

This year we recorded -

  • 37+ Web3 Masterminds episodes
  • 8 episodes of Forward Talks
  • 7 episodes of Forward After Hours on our YouTube channel.
  • Launched 5 New Forward Local Telegram Communities
  • 28+ pieces of educational blockchain content on our Medium and Twitter.

Technical Updates ⚙️

The Forward Protocol project exists in the blockchain world, which is a subset of a global financial ecosystem that operates within a larger framework of complexly related systems. Few of these systems were immune to the adversities that 2022 served up, and the blockchain space was not exempted.

However, we have a dream, and we do not plan to stop short of our ultimate goal. Throughout the year, we never stopped making progress with the smart contracts, applications, products and services in our Forward Factory.

You can find the full report of our technical product update here.

While the stars never aligned for us in 2022, we can hold our heads high knowing that we never let the chaos distract us from our mission. That is why we are immensely proud of the overwhelming success we achieved, which was even more than we could have dreamed at the beginning of the year.

Moving Forward to 2023 💫

While 2022 was not a walk in the park for any financial ecosystem, it was definitely harder for the blockchain space, and thanks in no part to many self-inflicted wounds. However, we are optimistic that these tough times will pass with 2022 and 2023 will bring more enabling conditions for our development as well as other forward-thinking projects.

We say a resounding thank you to everyone that supported us throughout the year, and we use this opportunity to reiterate our commitment to the blockchain adoption cause. We will continue to create the future we want together, and we’ll love to have you along in 2023.

You can join our community on social media to interact with other Forwardians and get the latest updates about our project.

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