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4 min readMay 1, 2024


Did anyone else’ April go by in a flash? Because ours did.

We’re not about to hit you with the cliche about time flying when you’re having fun. It is no longer news that we enjoy what we do here at Forward.

It just so happens that April is a shorter month, and we didn’t notice because we don’t measure time in days… We measure achievements and forward strides.

From groundbreaking developments in the Forward Factory to inspiring collaborations and community programs, April has been a testament to our commitment to pushing boundaries and embracing challenges.

Join us as we celebrate a remarkable month and look ahead to the exciting opportunities that May teases.

Forward Collaborations

Our partnerships and integrations are crucial building blocks in the comprehensive user experience of our Forward Factory, and we made significant strides toward optimizing these components in April.

We announced strategic partnerships with:

The journey ahead promises to be even better as we add more templates and integrate new chains into the upcoming Version 4 of the Factory.

Our chain integration arrangement with Optopia was a step in the right direction.

Want a peek at what we’re building? Check out the testnet version of Version 4.

Raising the Stakes

No bugs are safe as the Forward Bug Bounty campaign continues to attract bug hunters throughout Web3 with an impressive prize pool and overall rewarding Web3 experience. The campaign is one of the steps in our ramp-up to the eagerly anticipated launch of the Forward Factory Version 4.

Check out the public leaderboard to track reported bugs and accumulated points.

The Forward team remains on its toes, exploring new opportunities to advance the project, and it’s all working out as we planned.

Since its launch, the Forward x ITMO Hackathon has been the place to follow the latest advancements in Web3 dApp development. With 65 participants, 18 teams, and over $15,000 on the line, the stakes could not be higher!

Stay locked into our social media channels to get the latest updates about the contest and all the interesting dApps these creative teams deliver throughout the competition.

Factory Upgrades

The Forward Factory is undergoing major upgrades in the upcoming Version 4 update, which is still in its testnet phase.

During the month, we unveiled two new templates to give users a preview of the improved experience in Version 4, and the five-star ratings from test deployers have been rolling in since. Visit to customize and deploy your own Dutch Auction and Meme Token template.

Our co-founder, Mitch, thought you might need video guides too, and you can find the walkthroughs below:

In the meantime, Version 3 continues to crush new milestones with over 450 dApp already deployed on the partner chains integrated into the Factory.

Web3 Education

Forward’s no-code toolkits have resolved the technical issues that limit Web3 adoption. However, the full benefits of Web3 open up when you have all the knowledge nuggets you need to explore the decentralized web.

This month, we delivered timely pieces to our community to get them on the way to Web3 success:

The Forward team also got busy with educating Web3 communities:

Looking Forward

We could not reflect on the past month’s achievements without extending our heartfelt gratitude to our dedicated community, whose support and enthusiasm continue to drive us forward. Thank you for sticking with us on this journey.

May brings new possibilities, and we’ll be there to take advantage of every opportunity. Join us.

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