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4 min readNov 1, 2023


It’s that time of the year again when someone somewhere fires up a petition to make Halloween a public holiday! We love Halloween at Forward, but the end of October is about more than rocking swanky costumes and handing out scrumptious treats. It is more than getting excited for the upcoming holiday season or munching on sweets that will hasten your next visit to the dentist.

As Forward’s October ends, it is the time for us to reflect on the progress we’ve made toward our goals throughout the month.

This month has been a time of focus and dedication for our team. As we continue to push towards new milestones, we’re excited to share our progress with you in this month’s report. So, without further ado, let’s dive in!

Forward Partnerships, Collaborations, and Campaign

We entered the month with a dedication to our goal to make Web3 adoption seamless, codeless, and rewarding. In October, we displayed our commitment and adaptability to our vision, and the results exceeded even our loftiest expectations for the period.

Our partnership with DexCheck set the standard for the strategic moves we made throughout the month. Listing

We entered a listing arrangement with to promote our no-code toolkit to the active community of developers and the diverse group of users native to the ecosystem. Our listing also provides a ramp for users to explore the exciting opportunities within the Web3 world seamlessly through a reliable Web2 interface.

We have more information about our listing here.

Forward x Rootstock ‘Deploy and Transact for a Stack’ Campaign

Forward and Rootstock have found a winning formula, and we stuck with it throughout October. While we were showcasing the wonder of seamless dApp deployments from our Forward Factory, we also rewarded our community members with $5,000 in prize money.

Our Deploy and Transact for a Stack campaign did incredible numbers:

  • 65 dApps deployed
  • $5,000 prize pool shared
  • 9500+ transactions completed
  • 35 unique winners

Forward x LightLink Chain Integration

Our chain integration arrangement with LightLink took us a step further on the road to presenting our no-code adoption toolkit to users native to the LightLink ecosystem.

LightLink’s Ethereum-based network offers a unique solution for enterprise-level and individual users exploring the blockchain for fast and affordable transactions on a reliable and secure network.

Click here to learn more about our LightLink integration and other solutions available in our Forward Marketplace.

Making Waves and Moving Forward

To achieve a blockchain dream like ours, it takes a whole ecosystem.

Throughout the month, Forward’s ambassadors displayed unmatched levels of dedication to our goals, and we saw the results in our engagements, collaborations, and future opportunities.

Here is a brief recap of our networking moves from October:

Our Co-Founder, Mr. KEY’s unique insights and networking abilities are invaluable assets for our mission, and we could not be more proud of his activities this month. He was a guest speaker at:

  • Swiss Blockchain Labs in Zurich
  • Zebu Live in London
  • ABC Conclave in Dubai
  • WOW Summit in Dubai

This report and all the success we enjoyed this month would not have been possible without the long-term partners who continue to support our growth and provide the platform to achieve new milestones.

Our special appreciation goes out to:

Their support helps us create magic in the Forward Factory, and we can’t wait to have you explore these bold new opportunities!

The Forward movement never stops. Join us to get the latest updates and become a member of the most vibrant community in Web3.

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