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4 min readOct 1, 2023


Isn’t it fitting that the month that gave us the Labor Day holiday coincides with the time of the year when we get longer nights and shorter days? It is the period to double your efforts and burn the midnight oil (or whatever form of renewable energy source you prefer) to achieve your goals.

September is also the month of new beginnings — the start of a new school year for students and a fresh start for many people.

For us, it was a time to maintain our focus and aspire for new milestones. Now, to your next question. How did we do?

Good news — you’re in the right place because this is our progress report for September.

Forward Partnerships and Collaborations

The way forward takes us through the path of strategic partnerships and collaborations with the most innovative projects in the blockchain and Web3 space. In September, we reached the peak of the mountain, and we caught a glimpse of our true potential — spoiler alert, it’s almost limitless!

Forward x Fantom Chain Integration

We entered a chain integration arrangement with Fantom to bring our no-code adoption toolkits to the community of developers and users in the Fantom ecosystem. Fantom’s blockchain provides the perfect platform to support the bright ideas and innovative vision of traditional Web2 and Web3-curious users to explore the drag-and-drop solutions available in our Forward Marketplace.

Check out the full article to know more about our partnership and how it will progress.

Rootstock Grant and Joint Campaign

Forward took our relationship with Rootstock to the next level in September. After we received a financial award from Rootstock, we took another forward step together to launch our ‘Deploy and Transact for a Stack’ campaign.

$5000 in prize money is up for grabs! Find more information about how to participate and claim your share of the prize here.

Moving Forward and Making Waves

Forward’s global vision travels with our co-founders when they get on the big stage to represent our community.

This month, Mitch Rankin touched down in Dubai for one of the largest crypto events of the year — The Crypto Expo. He was a keynote speaker at the event that was held between the 20th and 21st of the month. He shared his expert opinions and spread the word about our project to a brilliant audience on one of the biggest podiums in Web3.

Mr. KEY was in Thailand for the FinTech Festival Asia event, where he spoke about Web3 opportunities and how projects can avoid common mistakes in this space.

He also joined the team from Skyland on Plena Finance’s Twitter space to discuss blockchain, Web3, and the opportunities Forward supports for creators. Click here for a recap of the insightful episode.

Forward is growing, and our co-founders, who have contributed to our growth since the beginning, continue to lead us into the future bravely.

If you want to know more about our mission and what we can help you achieve in the Web3 space, check out this thread for a glimpse of the possibilities.

The Forward movement never stops. Join us to get the latest updates and become a member of the most vibrant community in Web3.

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