Forward Progress Report 01/04/2023–15/04/2023

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3 min readApr 15, 2023


The blockchain sector is flying high, and the general sentiment feels ‌bullish for the first time in a while. The optimistic mood probably has something to do with crypto prices riding in the green and once again reaching one-year high levels.

We can definitely relate to optimistic moods here at Forward, with our project making huge strides toward our vision to deliver the ultimate user interface for the blockchain. The last two weeks have brought us so much exciting news and amazing updates. It’s time to fill you in on the best parts from that period in case you missed anything or you just enjoy reminiscing about good times.

Moving Forward with Partners 🤝

The Forward project is creating a path to the blockchain for different classes of users, a mission that is popular among the leading innovations within the blockchain space. Our connections with these projects lead to strategic partnerships that allow our users to access the best features of different blockchain systems through an easy-to-use universal interface.

Over the last two weeks, we completed and announced our partnership with -

  • Aurora — Find the details of our partnership here.
  • Telos — Find the details of our partnership here.

We always enjoy glowing recommendations from reputable leaders in the industry. A special mention to a long-term associate and supporter of the Forward project — Sunil Senapati, the COO of XinFin (XDC) Network.

Technicals and Updates ⚙️

Forward is the ultimate no-code builder for every blockchain user with an interface that runs on an industry-leading technology that is not replicated anywhere else. We’ve spent the last two weeks helping our users learn the fundamentals and functionalities of Forward.

How much do you know about Forward Factory’s template builder and our template library?

We also gave a walkthrough of our MultiSigWallet smart contract. Where else can you create single wallets with multiple signatories that are deployable on the Ethereum network? We explained how it works in this demo video.

After setting the standard, we continue to work out the kinks and upgrade the infrastructure to improve the user experience, which already sets us apart from the rest of the field.

Here you go — our technical upgrades from the last fortnight -

  • Haskell compiler integration R&D
  • Final tests for the Algorand compiler
  • Network configuration to suit EIP2535
  • UI upgrade for block explorer

Moving Forward 🌐

The Forward project is an exceptional vision formed in the minds of exceptional visionaries and delivered through the dedication of our community.

Cheers to everyone that has supported this vision so far — visibly and in the background. We are progressing together to the future we want, and this train is leaving no one behind.

You can also join our community on social media to interact with other Forwardians and get the latest project updates.

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