Forward Progress Report 01/05/2023–15/05/2023

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3 min readMay 15, 2023

As we approach the halfway mark of May, we can finally take a step back to admire all the beautiful work we’ve done this month. Our latest forward moves have unlocked exciting opportunities for us and our partners. They have also motivated us to take on new challenges and explore new territories.

The first two weeks of May have given us many highlights, and we would love to share them with our community in this report. Stick with us as we take you on a guided tour of our latest achievements and the next steps in this exciting blockchain journey.

AMAs and Live Demos 🎙

At Forward, we relish opportunities to share the Forward perspective and explore new avenues with our friends and partners. It gets even better when we can show them how the magic happens. That was what happened when our co-founder, Mr. KEY, joined Aurora for an AMA session. The session was a demo of Forward Factory to explore how the WordPress of Web3 works.

Visit our YouTube channel for more walkthrough videos of Forward Factory featuring our co-founder, Mitch Rankin.

The first two weeks of May gave us many other opportunities to move forward by spreading our message on different platforms. Our next stop was on Curra’s Twitter Space in the company of LEND Finance and Footprint Analytics to discuss the transformative role of decentralization in FinTech.

We collaborated with KCC to reward our community members and explore Forward in an introductory AMA on their Twitter Space. Mr. KEY joined William H., the Community Operation Lead at KCC, to discuss how we are changing the blockchain ecosystem.

Forward Masterminds 🌐

It’s time to move forward; we want you to come with us! Jan Strandberg, the co-founder and CEO of AcquireFi, is a Forwardian who continues to support our mission. Join him and other blockchain visionaries who already believe in our vision.

Our co-founder, Mitch Rankin, is a perennial champion of the Forward cause, and he has been tuned in since the beginning of the month. His videos have become the ultimate guide to understanding how Forward unlocks the limitless potential of Web3. Check out his latest videos on all our social media channels!

Mitch joined other global industry leaders to provide a Forward perspective on decentralization and innovation. He had a wonderful time as a guest speaker at the CV Summit Africa event earlier this month.

We hope you found this report informative and valuable as we continue working towards our shared goals.

We are proud of the forward moves we’ve made in May. There are so many more exciting things to look forward to. Join our community on social media to be the first to get the latest updates from us.

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