Forward Progress Report 01/08/2023–15/08/2023

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4 min readAug 15, 2023

Summer gets all the hype because it brings great weather, amazing outdoor events, school holidays, work breaks, and fun family times. Forward loves summers just as much as we enjoy the other seasons because every new day, week, month, and season brings us new opportunities to aim for greatness.

Why settle for excellence when greatness is at your fingertip?

We are two weeks into August, and the time has passed like a summer day on the beach, except we’ve not been to the beach in a while. For us, it was two weeks of non-stop progress, and now, we finally have time to report on our progress from the last fortnight.

So, wherever you’re reading this from — whether it’s on a beach, reclined on your lawn chair a home, or as you take a breather after a warm afternoon stroll through the streets of your vacation destination — we hope you’re having a swell time on our behalf too.

Back to why you’re here — our progress report for the first two weeks of August:

Forward in Every Dimension 🔮

A strategy that has served us so well since the beginning and continues to remain relevant is collaborating with the visionaries of the decentralized space.

August got off to a perfect start when our partners at Plena Finance featured us in their newsletter, highlighting our contribution to moving the decentralized space forward through collaboration and joint efforts. We are definitely looking forward to many more moves together.

The Forward team has never been known to rest on its laurels, and we’re not picking up that bad habit any time soon. We quickly followed up on our stellar start to the month with our latest chain integration arrangement with Patex. Together, we are creating new opportunities and rewarding ecosystem members with all the benefits inherent in our respective ecosystems by working together.

Find all the details about our partnership here.

The Forward Way ⚙️

Forward loves its co-founders, partners, ecosystem members, and the entire decentralized space. We have so much love to give and even more benefits to reward participation in the developing Web3 space.

We sent out word to the developers in our community. Forward is rewarding all your contributions to our smart contract library. Click here to learn how to monetize your skills and network on the largest Web3 adoption toolkit in the decentralized space.

The Forwardians that drive this dream also deserve special recognition. We’re talking about our Co-Founder, Mitch Rankin, who received fantastic news last week. He’ll be headlining as a guest speaker at the Crypto Expo Dubai 2023 event.

We look forward to all the amazing insights and expert opinions he’ll share in the company of other global visionaries in different scopes and spaces.

Looking Forward ⏩

We are trending in the right direction, and Peter Nguyen, the CMO of the Telos Foundation, had us bullish about our start to the month with his stamp of approval.

On second thought, we may have strong feelings for summer, but not for the same reasons as most. The season has coincided with a period that has brought so many forward strides toward our ultimate goal to simplify and reward Web3 adoption,

What’s not to love about that?

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