Forward Protocol and Polygon: The Sweeping Influx of Decentralized Education Users

Forward Protocol’s Strategic Partnership with Polygon (Matic)

Forward Protocol and its implementation in English Forward

Forward Protocol is a knowledge protocol that facilitates decentralized and democratized learning globally by rewarding participation and motivating excellence among all participants. English Forward is first in line to deploy the Forward Protocol learning model, which is a noteworthy achievement in its own right. English Forward has over 19 years of experience educating students from underprivileged locations around the globe, helping them learn the English Language — the language of the internet.

The Polygon Technology

Polygon is a protocol and framework that uses the best features of Ethereum to build and connect Ethereum-compatible blockchain networks. Polygon creates an open, borderless ecosystem where humans and machines interact and exchange value freely without any central authorities.

The Vision Behind the Union

Polygon‘s mission to create a scalable multi-chain system of Ethereum compatible blockchains has grown popular within the blockchain community, seeing it rise to be the 17th ranked cryptocurrency by market capitalization. Forward Protocol joins the exclusive company of partners that have contributed to Polygon’s growth with this deployment.

And it’s Only the Beginning…

Since you have stayed with this announcement thus far, we can only assume that this promising match has piqued your interest. Follow the links to Forward Protocol and English Forward’s official pages to partake in this journey:



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Forward Protocol

Forward Protocol

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