Forward Protocol Monthly Review — August

Forward Protocol
4 min readSep 3, 2022


The road that leads forward is the path to progress, and a monthly progress report is the way to move forward to another monumental month.

Our forward moves this month took us through exactly 31 days of highs. And the lows? Nothing comes to mind right now. On that note, here you go — our progress report for August.

Connecting Blockchain Masterminds

Forward Protocol does not compete with anybody; we collaborate to make the blockchain irresistible. We cracked the code to make the blockchain work for everyone — connecting our masterminds in the union of partnership.

This month, we welcomed 4 new partners -

  • Knit Finance will allow us to leverage their cross-chain compatibility solution through our unique user-friendly interface. We have all the details of the partnership arrangement here.
  • Alpha Guilty joined our exciting ecosystem. Catch all the details of this revolutionary partnership here.
  • Partnership with USDFX, a new hybrid stablecoin that revolutionizes fintech and web3 by facilitating payments between merchants and suppliers.
  • The 8.Finance partnership to take us further on our blockchain journey. Details available here.

We also connected with innovative ecosystems that share our vision for the blockchain.

When we were not creating the most versatile ecosystem of forward-thinking blockchain systems, we were connecting with the masterminds that facilitate these systems.

Building Strong Foundations

The blockchain is here to stay, and Forward Protocol is the way. We have an eventful history, and our future is even brighter. Our developers gave us wonderful news on the progress of our project’s foundation during the month.

The future is exciting, but that’s not the only thing that keeps us moving. With a community like ours, partners committed to our common goals, and a core team dedicated to our ultimate vision, the only way is forward. The blockchain moves forward when innovations complement each other, and we truly believe this!

Follow our social channels to stay up to date with the latest developments. Community members are welcome to check out our Litepaper and Whitepaper for details of our vision and mission to revolutionize value-driven ecosystems globally.

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About Forward Protocol — Forward Protocol uses an easy-to-use WordPress-like model to facilitate a no-code environment that users can use to deploy their dApps, subnets, and blockchains without technical knowledge. Applications and smart contracts from Forward Protocol can be deployed on any EVM & Rust-compatible chain in one click. Forward Protocol is cross-chain compatible, industry-agnostic, and adoption-focused, with an ultimate goal to fast-track the mass adoption of Blockchain Technology.



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