Forward Protocol Monthly Review — June

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6 min readJul 2, 2022

What do you do when you have a big month? You prepare an awesome report and move on to the next month with more motivation to do even more.

The Forward Protocol vision took many huge strides towards our ultimate goal, and nothing gets us in the mood to achieve more success than our high standards. June was just what the doctor ordered, and we know July will be better because we are guaranteed an additional 24 hours to make even more forward progress.

So what’s not to get excited about? Just to ensure we are on the same page, let’s look over the best bits of our month together.

Technical Updates

The blockchain offers limitless possibilities, and the opportunities within this space are enough to get anyone excited. Talking up a big game is one thing; delivering on your promise is another. Our project is a crucial part of our vision, so we are not leaving anything unattended. When we are done, we will have the ultimate blockchain adoption solution.

For now, you get a front-row seat to see history being made -

Forward Partnerships

Forward Protocol does not compete with anyone. We collaborate with everyone to make the blockchain adoption vision straightforward and rewarding. June was an excellent time to add new forward-thinking partners to join our mission, and we never let great opportunities go to waste.

Last month, we welcomed new partners and joined great innovators to progress the cause of the Forward League -

Forward Masterminds

Our Co-founder, Mitch Rankin, hosts our Web3 Masterminds series, and we have seen the weekly show grow from strength to strength. Last month, our guest list got even more special as big characters in the blockchain and Web3 space joined us. A special thank you to our guests during June -

The Forward Protocol project is bigger than any single person or project. We are building for the blockchain, and our mission does not exclude anyone that shares our vision. But then, even global movements need ambassadors, and we have the perfect representation through our co-founders.

Mr. KEY gave us many highlights to get us excited throughout June.

Mitch Rankin was also up and about last month, spreading the Forward word.

  • His interview with AirLyft explored the evolution of the Forward Protocol project and gave an insight into his ideas for our project going forward. You can find the full interview here to catch all the best parts.
  • Mitch also jumped onboard for insightful Web3, blockchain, and DeFi discussions on e-Money’s Twitter space. We have the full recording here if you need a recap of the event.

Blockchain Education and Elegant Threads

How do you like your education delivered? Throughout June, we updated our Twitter and Medium with insightful material.

Our Twitter threads — Why does the blockchain need Forward Chain and Forward ID — definitely made impressions.

Our Medium articles are educative and give us unique insights into Forward Protocol and our project’s dynamism. You can check out our publications from last month -

Looking Forward

Our excellent achievements fill us with confidence as we move forward to an exciting future. No one believes in our potential to deliver more than our community, and that group of believers continues to grow.

Our partners join us on this mission, and we become one big blockchain community pulling in the same direction. We also take their positive feedback to heart, using them as fuel for our forward-bound mission.

Last month, Vaibhav Seth, the CEO and Founder of BitLiberte, did not hold back on his glowing recommendation of our project. Forward Protocol also got great news from one of our longest-standing partners at Hoo Smart Chain. We were excited to be on the exclusive list of industry-defining projects within the Hoo Smart Chain Cosmic Origin Project.

In the spirit of looking to the past to gain strength for the future, these throwback episodes from our Web3 Masterminds live talk show will do the trick perfectly -

If you’re in the mood for more nostalgia, you can catch up on vintage episodes on our YouTube channel,

The Forward Protocol juggernaut rolls on. Join us as we build the future of the blockchain together.

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