Forward Protocol Progress Report

Forward Protocol’s Masterminds

The greatest innovations start as ideas, and these ideas are developed in the company of innovative creators and disruptive masterminds. Forward Protocol thrives on facilitating these mind-evoking conversations. We maintained our streak this week as we hosted Joshua Scigala, the Co-founder of The Standard, on the latest episode of Web3 Masterminds.

Technical Updates and Partnerships

However you spell the word, build or ‘buidl,’ it does not make much difference — Forward Protocol is committed. Our development team is working round the clock to deliver the core functions of our ecosystem ahead of schedule. This week, they had really positive news on the technical development of our ecosystem — the NFTs sale function is now added to the Initial Value Offering (IVO) smart contract.

The Way is Forward

The leading innovators in the blockchain industry agree that building is more important than causing waves on the charts. Markets hit turbulent times, and in those periods, only the strong remain standing when the dust settles.



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Forward Protocol

Forward Protocol

Reforming and Redefining Education with Blockchain