Forward Protocol Progress Report 31/10/2022–13/11/2022

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3 min readNov 13, 2022


Transparency and accountability are two of the policies at the core of DeFi. These policies also form the foundation of Forward Protocol’s roadmap to delivering the ultimate toolkit to facilitate and reward participation in DeFi ecosystems.

Forward Protocol is making good time on its mission to ensure deploying organizations can choose the level of decentralization in their systems and allow users to access the profile of the DeFi solutions they use.

Our ultimate goal is to ensure the safety and security of every participant in every blockchain-based ecosystem that deploys our solution and the vision remains the same.

Recent events that have rocked the blockchain space have further highlighted the importance of our mission, even though the urgency of our blockchain adoption toolkit has never been lost on us. Instead, it strengthened our resolve to ensure that the product we roll out is 100% safe and ready to use.

While our product is not yet market-ready, the last two weeks gave us precious opportunities to develop, and we made the best of the period. We also rounded off a special October that started and ended on a high.

So, here you go — the progress update from the last two weeks.

Forward Momentum

We have always maintained our commitment to leverage the progress of other forward-thinking projects to maximize our progress and contribute to the ultimate network of blockchain solutions.

The opportunity to announce the integration of Avalanche into Forward Factory was a monumental stride for us and the entire blockchain space. The Avalanche chain is a gateway to an important blockchain-based ecosystem with innovative DeFi solutions, and our users can now access its ecosystem through this partnership.

Our partnership arrangement with Uroboros was also a headline that got our respective communities excited. Our collaboration will facilitate access to innovative DEX capabilities and earning opportunities for participants in Forward-facilitated economies.

Forward Masterminds

While we build the framework to support meaningful connections and interactions globally, we also turn up to the biggest events to share our ideas and learn from the most advanced minds within the decentralized space.

Mr. KEY has been busy with Forward Protocol business, and he made a big appearance as a guest speaker at the Arab Meta Summit during the annual Arab Blockchain Week.

Mr. KEY also had the special honor to represent the crypto perspective and deliver a speech at the 21st Jordan Financial Expo and Award event. We gained confidence in the knowledge that the blockchain space will be represented by one of its most innovative and reliable masterminds.

Cheers to everyone that has supported this vision so far — visibly and in the background. We are progressing together to the future we want, and this train is leaving no one behind. Check out our IVO smart contract starter pack to see what we have in store for content creators and crowdfunding platforms.

You can also join our community on social media to interact with other Forwardians and get the latest project updates.

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