Forward Protocol Progress Report

Tech Updates

We had the pleasure to make huge announcements on our progress on the Proof of Ownership (PoO) smart contract.

  • Forward smart contracts can now be deployed in any EVM and RUST compatible blockchains.
  • We are currently testing our PoO smart contract in EVM chains such as Reef, Polygon, KCC, OKC, HSC, Neon, Scallop, Skale, and Metis.
  • We completed our metadata mapping on form-builder and PoO application to export as API using OpenZeppelin Defender.

Partnership, Community, and Masterminds

Big things happen when innovative minds work together. The Forward Protocol vision was conceived by two masterminds in different rooms, halfway across the world from each other. The vision has grown through the dedication of global teams of experts, advisors and partners. Our competitive advantage is in our commitment to collaborating with industry leaders and visionary projects.

Blockchain Literacy

The only way to move forward is to create an educated society that shares your values and motivation. No doubt, we have the best community in the blockchain space, and we always feel your support. John Chen, the President of Umbrella Network has also caught the Forward Protocol bug and he’s now a Forwardian.



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Forward Protocol

Forward Protocol

Reforming and Redefining Education with Blockchain