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4 min readFeb 20, 2022


What a week, uh? All of the excitement, enthusiasm, and exuberance finally come to a Ahead, and you made memories to last a lifetime!

We call it a normal week around here. We get a healthy dose of exciting news to inspire enthusiasm in our communities, and we carry that exuberance into everything we do — the Forward Protocol way. These experiences make beautiful memories that we look forward to sharing with our community members.

As we wind down on another eventful week, we stop to look at the best moments, draw inspiration from our achievements and gain strength for the coming week.

Innovative minds in the building!

Our week also got off to a brilliant start on Monday, February 14th, 2023, when we had Navid Moosa on the latest episode of Forward After Hours. Navid Moosa is an investor, entrepreneur, and founder, exploring the blockchain utility in the real estate industry. His insights made for an exciting talk show, and we are sure we speak for everyone when we say we had a blast.

Friday rolled around, and we had Jeremy Dela Rosa on our new series, Web3 Masterminds! Jeremy Dela Rosa is the Founder and CEO of Leyline, the NFT project for social good, and a core member of the Proof of Good team. Our debut episode lived up to all the hype, and you can catch the full recap on our YouTube channel. You can catch new episodes of Web3 Masterminds on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, hosted on all Cryptopolitan and Forward Protocol official social media channels.

Our Forward Talks series continues. Mitch Rankin explains the most complicated blockchain and Web 3.0 phenomena in the simplest language. We love it! We know you’ll do too!

So, you know what to do — save the date, clear your schedule, and prepare your questions. We love having innovative minds like you join our conversations.

Forward Protocol knows no barriers

Forward Protocol is winning the race to provide the ultimate blockchain adoption solution, and it’s not even a contest. Seriously, it’s not a contest.

Forward Protocol competes with no one and cooperates with everyone to progress our vision of facilitating transparent and rewarding decentralized economies. We do it differently. If you’ve been around long enough, you’d know not to dispute this claim. If you’re new, well, now you know.

This week was a big one for breaking blockchain adoption barriers. That is why we were proud to announce our collaborations with zkSync and BoundlessPay. One integration to help us leverage a zero-knowledge Ethereum scaling solution and the other to provide a mobile-first crypto payment solution for protocol users. If you lost count, that’s two more barriers to blockchain adoption successfully removed.

Forward Protocol knows no barriers and respects no boundaries. We are coming for everything, and we’d love to have you join us!

The Dubai adventure continues

Forward Protocol is flourishing in Dubai, and it’s mostly down to our own Mr. KEY.

We spotted him with some of the most recognizable faces in crypto, meeting with team members from Sushi Swap, Huobi, Okex, Yearn Finance, XT, and many other top experts from the DeFi and Crypto world.

Mr. KEY also popped up at the Dubai Crypto Oasis event. The Dubai gallery grows even bigger, and we love every jpeg in the collection!

Honorable mentions

The blockchain community continues to show love, and we appreciate everyone that has supported our vision. You hold a special place close to our hearts, and we look forward to making you even more proud of us. A special thanks to CryptonewsZ for giving us a shout when we closed our zkSync integration.

Our search for local community managers continues. Send us a DM on Twitter; we want you on our team.

We continue into the new week with renewed energy. Here’s to wishing you a fruitful week! Join our social media channels to hang out with like-minded goal-getters and meet all your targets this new week. Let’s do this!

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