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3 min readAug 14, 2022


There’s no denying the potential of blockchain technology, and as Oscar Wilde says, “If a thing is worth doing, it is worth doing well. If it is with having, it is worth waiting for. If it is worth attaining, it is worth fighting for. If it is worth experiencing, it is worth putting aside time for.”

Forward Protocol presents all these unlimited opportunities without the traditional adoption barriers to everything good the technology has to offer. While we wait to access all these good things, we can enjoy the journey and celebrate the wins.

We made phenomenal progress this last week, and we want to share highlights with you -

Blockchain Masterminds

The joy is in the journey, and the journey is better when you have masterminds working with you. The blockchain space is filled with extraordinary talent, and the brightest masterminds are Forwardians — special shoutout to our co-founders, Mr. KEY and Mitch Rankin.

During the week, our Mr. KEY was a guest speaker on REV3AL Tech’s Twitter Spaces to discuss blockchain technology and security within the ecosystem. He was also live with NFT Expoverse to share his insights on the bear market and the opportunities it presents for blockchain innovators. Catch the full recording here.

We love masterminds discussing innovations, and no one does it better than Mitch Rankin on our Web3 Masterminds live talk show series. This throwback episode featuring Ray Buckton, the Co-Founder of EcoCREDIT, was so good that we had to bring it back. So, here you go.

Forward Progress

There’s no alternative to going forward, so when you have the opportunity to progress, you do it in the company of forward-thinking partners. Forward Protocol does not compete with anybody; we collaborate with everyone to make the blockchain adoption vision come true.

Forward Protocol started the week with big news as we got accepted into the Octopus Network Accelerator Program. We also became a Community Verified Project in the Metis DAO CEG program.

The future is exciting, but that’s not the only thing that keeps us moving. With a community like ours, partners committed to our common goals, and a core team dedicated to our ultimate vision, the only way is forward. The blockchain moves forward when innovations complement each other, and we truly believe this!

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About Forward Protocol — Forward Protocol uses an easy-to-use WordPress-like model to facilitate a no-code environment that users can use to deploy their blockchain applications without technical knowledge. Forward Protocol has elements of NFT, DeFi, Gamification, AI, ML and Social Tokens inbuilt that connect the value-driven economy. Applications and smart contracts from Forward Protocol can be deployed on any EVM & Rust compatible chains in one click. Forward Protocol is cross-chain compatible, industry-agnostic, and adoption-focused, with an ultimate goal to fast-track mass adoption of Blockchain Technology.



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