Forward Protocol Progress Report

Working Together is Growth

Our vision to promote adoption and motivate participation in the blockchain industry is moving forward according to plan. Forward Protocol doesn’t compete with anyone. We collaborate with everyone to make things simple. We connect the traditional business world with blockchain using no-code toolkits and make the dream of blockchain adoption practical.

Web3 Masterminds

In a week filled with ground-breaking progress and consolidation, we still found time for our masterminds, revolutionary innovations, and insightful ideas. Anton Anhammer, the Director of Marketing of Reality Cards joined us on Wednesday. Catch the full recap here.

Earth Day 2022

Forward Protocol celebrated Earth Day, 2022, in Forward style. Blockchain enthusiasts and traditional system defenders share one vital connection — our tether to the Earth. Our planet is our home, and we are all responsible for its health and longevity. A special shoutout to our partners at EcoCREDIT for their efforts in promoting sustainable blockchain applications and rewarding carbon footprint management through tokenization.



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Forward Protocol

Forward Protocol

Reforming and Redefining Education with Blockchain