Forward Protocol Progress Report

Web3 Masterminds

What’s a week without the most innovative minds within the blockchain space coming together for insightful discussion and revolutionary ideas? Our Web3 series remains as popular as ever, with our list of guests getting more impressive with every new installation. If you’re in the mood to catch up on the vintage pieces on our YouTube channel,

Partnerships, Collaborations, and KYC

This week, Forward Protocol announced our partnership agreement with XDAO. Our partners are committed to improving governance systems through a multichain tool for building DAOs and managing crypto assets and DeFi projects. We share a common goal with our partners, and we work together to contribute our unique perspectives and provide dynamic solutions for the blockchain and DeFi space. Catch all the details of our partnership here.

Blockchain Education for All

How do you like your education delivered? We have Twitter threads and Medium articles to improve your blockchain and Forward Protocol knowledge.



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Forward Protocol

Forward Protocol

Reforming and Redefining Education with Blockchain