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In his letter to his son, Eduard, in 1930, one of the most brilliant minds of our time, Albert Einstein said, “It is the same with people as it is with riding a bike. Only when moving forward, can one comfortably maintain one’s balance.”

There you have it! Even Albert Einstein, one of the greatest masterminds in human history, agrees that you can’t go wrong when you move forward. Your commitment to moving forward gets you places and helps you achieve your visions.

Another week runs its course, and Forward Protocol can look back on another week decorated with exciting progress and big news.

Forward Protocol Attracts Masterminds

Forward Protocol has caught the eye of leading blockchain innovators and projects, and the attraction is mutual.

The good thing about doing great work in the blockchain industry is that word spreads. The Forward Protocol project is a relatively new one, and we joined a blockchain space that has made significant strides in the past. Our vision is to build together and maximize the potential of the blockchain.

This week, we met with new masterminds to share ideas, learn about their innovations, and gain insights into their vision for the blockchain industry. Andrew Beal, Forta Network’s Head of Ecosystem, joined us on Wednesday for an exciting episode of Web3 Masterminds Live Show to discuss security and operational surveillance in the blockchain space. Watch the recap of the show here.

Anywhere there’s a mastermind, a Forward Protocol representative is not far behind. We meet them virtually on the internet, interact with them on the metaverse, and run into them in Dubai! During the week, our Co-founder, Mr. KEY, met the CISO of Polygon Network, Anurag Arjun. They definitely discussed the future of the blockchain and our role in its development.

More Big News

Forward Protocol is making huge strides towards achieving its vision and every new week brings us closer to the goal. We have good news for content creators and intellectual property owners as we made significant progress on our Proof of Ownership smart contract this week. We currently have four dynamically editable variations of the PoO smart contract.

We also made huge waves with our partnership announcement with iMe. The Telegram-based project, along with its crypto wallet and ecosystem, joined our mission to bring blockchain to mass adoption level. Find all the details of our partnership and what it means for the Forward Protocol community here.

Forward Protocol does not compete with anyone. We collaborate with everyone and support their visions based on leveraging blockchain technology and maximizing its potential. Check out our latest Medium article to see how Forward Protocol supports non-profit organizations and philanthropic endeavors.

Now that you’ve heard from us, how about we check on our Mascot too? He brought us a message from space. Let’s see if you understand his message.

Giant leaps, small steps; they make no difference to us. We are going all the way!

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