Forward Protocol Progress Report


Rome was not built in a day. Neither was Forward Protocol. In reality, nothing worthwhile is. However, you can trust the recipe of consistent growth and progress to help you achieve your dreams. And that’s the Forward Protocol formula. It takes a huge commitment to build the toolkits to remove the barriers to blockchain and Web3 adoption. We aren’t there yet, but we are closer today than one week ago.

Do you know what that means? Seven days of forward progress towards our ultimate goal. The Forward Protocol vision is one week closer! If you knew everything we’ve been up to, you’d be as optimistic for the future as we are. Let’s quickly go over the highlights of our week to get you psyched too!

International Women’s Day

This dream is global, and we are closer to achieving it than ever before. However, this level of success would be virtually impossible without the women that have contributed to our growth. To the women that have propelled this dream, we love and celebrate you every day. We could not have done this without you.

The 8th of March, 2022, was a special day, and we joined the rest of the world to celebrate the women in our lives on International Women’s Day. We look forward to continuing this journey together.

Mr. KEY is blockchain famous

The blockchain space is fast-paced. Buzz comes and goes; hype dies, but the solid ones stay. Mr. KEY has been in Dubai for a couple of months now, and recent developments confirm our suspicion — he has made his mark on the biggest stage!

Our ambassador in the world’s blockchain capital has been an able representative, and his reputation (consequently ours) is growing. Mr. KEY was at MetaWeek 2022 as a guest speaker. The next stop on his itinerary was the prestigious Art Dubai event. Mr. KEY was also invited as a guest speaker at this monumental event in Dubai.

If you see Mr. KEY, then you know he’s about to lay down some blockchain knowledge and insights. It’s a full-time position.

Forward talks with masterminds

Our ongoing crypto education series are getting more popular, and why not? Educative and insightful communication can never go out of style.

We hosted two episodes of Web3 Masterminds this week, and each session featured some of the brightest minds in the blockchain and crypto space. On our first episode, we hosted Maciej Szafarczyk, the COO and Founder of Hololoot. It looked like many of you enjoyed that episode. In case you missed it, watch a recap here.

Our second episode for the week featured the team from our partners, Himo World. Long Le Tuan (co-founder & CPO) and Vu Nguyen (CMO) joined us for a brilliant session on the blockchain, NFTs, their project, and Forward Protocol.

Our week won’t be complete without the concise, insightful, and timely videos from our co-founder, Mitch Rankin. On this week’s episode of Forward Talks, he explains our Proof of Ownership (PoO) smart contract in typical uncomplicated fashion. Watch the video here

Forward ever

Consistent progress is the only way forward. The Forward protocol project recorded huge wins over the past week, and every Forwardian can take credit for that. Our KYC verification process is still on. Complete your verification in under 48 hours to qualify for our upcoming IVO round and other upcoming events.

Our dream seems to be catching on too. Our partners are coming on board to help us achieve our vision of decentralized value exchange ecosystems. Lepasa is the latest partner to recognize and support our vision. Our PoO smart contract will allow them to lend, lease and rent their NFTs. Spheron is also with us, and we are ready to move forward together.

Ah! Where would we be without our friends from India? They have supported our dream since the beginning, and they continue to push forward with us. We are over the moon to announce that our Indian Telegram Community is now LIVE!

Are you with us? Or do you need a formal invitation? Join our social media channels to become part of our elite community of Forwardians -

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About Forward Protocol — Forward Protocol uses an easy-to-use WordPress-like model to facilitate a no-code environment that users can use to deploy their blockchain applications without technical knowledge. Forward Protocol has elements of NFT, DeFi, Gamification, AI, ML and Social Tokens inbuilt that connect the value-driven economy. Applications and smart contracts from Forward Protocol can be deployed on any EVM compatible chains in one click. Forward Protocol is cross-chain compatible, industry-agnostic, and adoption-focused, with an ultimate goal to fast-track mass adoption of Blockchain Technology.



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