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It’s summertime, Forwardians!

However, that’s not the only reason we are chipper! It’s time to take a moment to look at the biggest events of the last three months and pat ourselves on the back for exceeding our wildest dreams.

Of course, our excitement is palpable. Who wouldn’t be excited to report on three straight months of exciting forward moves? So, what have we been up to? Well, for starters, we’ve been working hard on our mission to revolutionize the Web3 space.

We finalized new integrations and partnerships, achieved community and personal milestones, and ended the quarter as the number one toolkit for seamless blockchain adoption. The highs were so many, but we still had to make this report concise, so forgive us if we missed any.

Overall, we’re pretty proud of what we’ve accomplished so far. But don’t take our word for it — read on and see for yourself. And who knows — maybe you’ll even crack a smile or two along the way.

Project Updates and Technical Progress

Q2 2023 was good to Forward, and our success was founded on preparation and proactive action. We’ll let you in on another secret recipe for our success — hard work. There’s really no substitute for putting in the hard yards. If you can think of any, we’d love to hear them.

Let the records reflect that we are not considering dumping our perfectly working strategy. Rather, this is a genuine challenge to our community to embrace the grind and all the success it brings.

Speaking of community. We faced the second quarter of 2023 in the company of our partners and collaborators, and we reached new heights together — the Forward way.

Integrations and Partnerships

Forward Moves with Partners

Technical Updates

Thanks to our monumental Q2, Web3 is coming to a blockchain near you, courtesy of our developers at Forward. Check out Forward Factory to test, create and deploy your own dApps, smart contracts, and integrated solutions on a user-friendly and non-technical interface today.

The best part is you don’t need any programming languages or significant commitments to enter the blockchain because our development team has covered all the bases with the exciting technical milestones we reached.

  • Haskell compiler integration R&D
  • Final tests for Algorand compiler
  • Network configuration to suit EIP2535
  • UI upgrade for block explorer

Masterminds of Web3

Forward does not compete with anybody; we collaborate to make the blockchain irresistible. We cracked the code to make the blockchain work for everyone, irrespective of season, cycle, technical knowledge, and experience.

How? By connecting our masterminds with the leading innovators within the decentralized space.

How did we do?

When our co-founders were not representing us, they were knocking it out of the park with huge personal milestone moments that improved our reputation as the ultimate blockchain adoption solution.

The Way Forward

When in doubt, ask the experts. It definitely helped us because we had a lot of encouragement over the last three months.

Special shoutouts to Sunil Senapati, the COO of XinFin (XDC) Network, and Daniil Nikitenko, the CEO of Uroboros, for directing some love and kind words to us.

The CEO and Founder of PureFi Protocol, Slava Demchuk, remains a proud Forwardian, and Jan Strandberg, the Co-Founder and CEO of Acquire.Fi, also expressed bullish sentiments about our vision.

How could we not mention Dusky, the Marketing Lead of LiqdNFT, who continues to enjoy this exhilarating Web3 ride? Eitan Katz, the CEO of Kima, also got us going with his inspiring words.

This Web3 journey is no sprint, and we appreciate every Forwardian that has helped us make it this far. Through it all, our community knows we’ll never leave them unattended. Q2 2023 started and ended with a commitment to education that has become a staple of the Forward movement.

Blockchain Education Content

We know that education is multi-dimensional. That is why we deliver our educational content across different mediums and styles to reach our diverse audience, bringing them up to speed with the latest developments with Forward and the entire Web3 space.

We recorded 15 video walkthrough episodes and published 10 blockchain education content across our social media channels.

Blockchain Education Threads

Video Walkthroughs

Looking back, we’ve done so much, but the mystery of the future is just as exciting. We had a great time in the last three months, and we know the best is yet to come!

Follow our social channels to stay up to date with the latest developments. Community members are welcome to check out our Litepaper and Whitepaper for details of our vision and mission to revolutionize value-driven ecosystems globally.

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