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3 min readDec 31, 2021


Time flies when you are having fun, also when you’re changing the world too. As far as good years go, 2021 has been an awesome one for Forward Protocol. We were busy building and distributing the framework to solve the blockchain adoption problem that we barely had time to savor all our progress. So much has happened in 12 months, and some of it can fade into memory easily. Let’s see how much you remember.

Ready? Here we go!


The community is at the center of Forward Protocol’s vision, and we make sure they understand how important they are to us. Our community is spread over Twitter, Discord, Telegram, Medium, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, and we do our best to always keep them in the loop. Social media is where it all happens around here!

We crossed the 100k community members milestone in 2021; that was a highlight! We also hosted over 20 AMAs throughout the year. Our AMAs are where you’ll catch our co-founders talking about their vision for Forward Protocol, sometimes in the company of partners and other team members. You should watch out for those and in case you want to see what all the fuss is all about you can read up on our AMAs’ recap in our Medium blog!

Partners and Investors

“Success breeds success.” The Forward vision caught on pretty fast in 2021, and it is rightly reflected in our partnerships and collaborations. We made powerful friends in high places who have supported us in achieving a great deal so far.

We are not one to name names for the sake of it. Instead, here is a challenge to find a more exclusive list — Polygon, Reef, Unilend, Metis DAO, Unvest, Coreto, AcknoLedger, ArGO app, Leyline, Shavo Odadjian, KCC, Supra Oracles, HSC, Unified Council, BlockPad and more. We look forward to growing together in the next year.

Forward Protocol also closed investment deals to get our dreams off the ground. Master Ventures, Polygon, CV VC, X21, AU 21, MarketAcross, Magnus capital, Tokenova, NFT Technologies, Ardura, Octopus, and more, all contributed to our growth throughout 2021.

Forward Protocol is immensely grateful to our investors who helped us raise $1.25 million and everyone who contributed to a wonderful year.

Impressive Numbers in IDO Rounds

Forward Protocol posted some impressive stats this year too. We got listed on CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap, with more than 778,000 of you adding us to your watchlist.

We also raised $1.25 million in our private round. 20,000 of you also got whitelisted to participate in our IBO event on MahaStarter’s Launchpad, helping us raise $100,000. Our SHO on DAO Maker also reached 29.2 million DAO locked, just 400k short of the all-time record. Way to go Forward!

Kucoin BurningDrop and StartUp and Notable Mentions

Forward Protocol also received some love from names that you already know. KuCoin’s BurningDrop knocked it out of the park. Users staked USDT, KCS and ETH assets to mine FORWARD tokens. also shared some forward cheer to platform users, giving out 6,000,000 FORWARD tokens during their Free Airdrop Program.

Top7 ICO and ICODrops also shone the spotlight on our work. It felt nice to be recognized by blockchain heavyweights. We also managed to catch the eye of several top media houses such as Cointelegraph,, Entrepreneur, Yahoo Finance, CryptoSlate, CryptoDaily,, Cryptopolitan and more.

For all of this support and opportunities, Forward Protocol is grateful. We look forward to exceeding expectations once again in 2022. We hope to have all of you here by our side then too!

And to those still on the fence, we have seats for you on the train to a blockchain-inspired future. Looking for a place to start, you can join our social media channels. That’s where most of the magic happens anyway.

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