Forward Protocol Token & 5k BNT Partnership Proposal Goes Live on Bancor

The blockchain-based learning ecosystem proposed by Forward Protocol has successfully applied for liquidity in Bancor. All systems are ready to proceed with the plan to whitelist the Forward Token (FORWARD) as all preliminary tests have shown no systemic vulnerabilities or security issues. Voting on the 5,000 BNT co-investment plan is due to start when the Forward Token goes live.

The blockchain industry has enjoyed increased popularity in recent times. However, not every blockchain-based solution has the infrastructure to deliver on its potential. This is in sharp contrast with Forward Protocol, which has so far recorded significant success since it debuted. A partnership with Polygon stands out in this long list of achievements. The proposed whitelisting event slated to take place on Bancor is the next milestone Forward Protocol aims to cross to deliver a blockchain-based learning ecosystem to a global audience.

English Forward is first in line to deploy Forward Protocol’s learning solution. English Forward has been around for over 19 years, delivering learning solutions to students from traditionally underprivileged regions. This partnership represents a 19-year headstart ahead of blockchain-based learning system analogs. Forward Protocol has a smart contract system that maintains a decentralized ecosystem that offers transparency, speed, security, community-based governance, and community-wide incentivization.

FORWARD Tokenomics

The Forward Protocol ecosystem has two native tokens — Forward USD (FUSD), the stablecoin pegged against other stablecoins, and Forward Token (FORWARD), the utility token. FORWARD is issued by the protocol to learners and experts to motivate and reward outstanding performance in participants.

Learners can register for courses using both fiat and crypto money. Forward Protocol native tokens can be converted into another crypto, fiat currency, or used on the platform for other services.

Looking to the future

Forward Protocol benefits from the wealth of experience and expertise of its co-founders Mitch Rankin and Karnika E. Yashwant, working with an elite team of advisors and partners.

Bancor and Forward Protocol are innovative solutions to perennial problems in their respective niches. This partnership opens both projects to new growth and adoption opportunities.

Next on the agenda is the community voting event where Forward Protocol’s addition to the Bancor network becomes formal.

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