Progress Report #1


Forward Protocol
2 min readMay 3, 2021

Website Launched

We are thrilled to announce that we officially launched our website earlier this week.

Visit us at

The website is fast and easy to navigate and it was of tremendous importance for us to make information regarding our leadership, project updates, whitepaper and milestones easily accessible for everyone interested in the project itself.

Brand Identity

We are also delighted to present our brand identity that resonates with our focus on blockchain and education. Purple, blue, and light green represent the education of the future, which is centered around technology and focused on trust.

We opted for:

  • blue, which represents stability and our commitment to our mission,
  • purple, as a sign of our pursuit to empower all parties involved in the educational process,
  • light green, which speaks for our growth and
  • white, as an indicator of our devotion to transparency.

Forward Protocol in the News

It is always a pleasure to start hearing the buzz about your brand. Mitch Rankin, Co-Founder of Forward Protocol, in the article he wrote for Cryptopolitan spoke about the grand challenges Forward Protocol solves. You can read the full article here.

We are pleased that the article was featured in other crypto and blockchain networks and websites:






Community Milestones

This week we are celebrating two small, but important milestones for the Forward Protocol’s growing community.

The Forward Protocol Twitter community reached 2700 followers in just a week. Follow us to keep informed about the progress, status and updates of the platform, as well as the latest education and blockchain news.

The Forward Protocol Telegram community has accumulated 2500 members in record time. We are about to reach the next milestone of 3000 members. If you want to be a part of a community consisting of crypto and blockchain enthusiasts, experts and investors, join us now — there is room for everyone!



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