Forward Protocol Welcomes Shavo Odadjian — World-Famous Bassist, In Its Value-Based Ecosystem

Forward Protocol is delighted to officially welcome Shavo Odadjian as an integration partner on our mission to revolutionize and incentivize value creation through a framework of smart contracts that enable blockchain and Web 3.0 capabilities into traditional and digital systems.

An animation of Forward Protocol featuring Shavo Odadjian

As an artist, Shavo Odadjian is the perfect example of how content creators can leverage the decentralized, transparent, and permissionless approach that Forward Protocol offers. A creator like Shavo will find great utility in our IVO (Initial Value Offering) smart contract which he will be integrating into his brand, which encourages creativity and supports spontaneity at no personal cost to content creators or their supporters. We look forward to building together for the future.” — Mitch Rankin

About Forward Protocol

About Shavo Odadjian



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