Forward Protocol x ARGOS KYC Integration Partnership — Bringing Reliable and Stable Security Systems to DeFi

Forward Protocol is delighted to reveal the details of its partnership with ARGOS KYC to provide reliable and stable KYC and AML systems to improve safety and security within the blockchain space.

Forward Protocol
4 min readFeb 16, 2023

Forward Protocol’s mission to make decentralized systems safer and more rewarding moves forward through our collaboration with ARGOS KYC. Our latest partnership combines our customizable and non-technical solutions with ARGOS KYC’s novel KYC and AML screening system to resolve security, identification, and usability issues within blockchain systems. We are delighted to move closer toward the ultimate user experience that promotes and rewards blockchain adoption.

Our integration arrangement with ARGOS KYC aims to facilitate safer and more secure DeFi ecosystems for every user globally through a user-friendly interface. Users deploying dApps via ForwardFactory can use ARGOS KYC directly as a third-party KYC service to verify users within their systems.

What is ARGOS KYC? 🔍

ARGOS KYC is a trustworthy global online identity verification solution for KYC and AML screening. ARGOS KYC currently has a global ID database capable of recognizing IDs in more than 210 countries. In addition, it provides an AI-based online customer identification service that can increase convenience from the user’s point of view. Users can finish the identity authentication process with a mobile device anytime anywhere.

ARGOS KYC’s solution collects and processes accurate information from service providers and users with an easy and fast experience in three key phases -

  • KYC — Know Your Customer
  • KYB — Know Your Business
  • AML — Anti-Money Laundering

The automated AI-based KYC system from ARGOS KYC is an innovative solution for service providers and users. It delivers real-time identity verification, which is an essential factor in maintaining customer satisfaction. ARGOS KYC Ver 2.0 automatically processes KYC in real time so that users can verify their ID when they submit accurate ID cards and selfie pictures. It eliminates the waiting period that is standard with regular KYC systems.

ARGOS KYC provides an AI-based service that combines OCR data extraction, face recognition, liveness detection, and fraud detection technology. The service increases user convenience and data accuracy through OCR data extraction and reduces the risk of identity theft through facial recognition, liveness, and forgery detection technology support.

ARGOS KYC auto-processes IDs issued from more than 210 countries around the world. It recognizes and extracts information from government-issued ID cards, passports, and driver’s licenses issued in Asia, Europe, South America, North America, and Oceania.

Partnership Details 🤝

Forward Protocol does not compete with anybody; we collaborate to make blockchain adoption seamless and straightforward. Our partnership with ARGOS KYC aims to resolve the compliance issues many blockchain-based projects face due to user identification and anti-money laundering measures.

Projects deploying their dApps via ForwardFactory can also integrate ARGOS KYC directly as a third-party KYC service to verify users within their systems.

Mitch Rankin, Forward Protocol Co-Founder, said:

“It is a new dawn for the blockchain, and everyone can see that we are on to something special. Decentralized protocols hold enormous amounts of value, which comes with a responsibility to keep their users safe and secure. Our goals align with ARGOS KYC’s, and we are excited to support each other towards our common vision for the blockchain.”

Wonkyu Lee, ARGOS KYC Founder, said:

“ARGOS KYC has a unique story that begins with collaboration. We are excited to enter a new chapter with Forward Protocol to promote our respective solutions to deliver a safe and secure experience for every blockchain user. Our partnership has unlimited potential, and we look forward to seeing what the future holds for us.”

Together, we aim to provide the framework to protect every participant within the DeFi space. Through this partnership, dApp owners and users can use ARGOS KYC directly as a third-party service to verify users within the dApps and systems they deploy from ForwardFactory.

About Forward Protocol — Forward Protocol uses an easy-to-use WordPress-like model to facilitate a no-code environment that users can use to deploy their dApps, subnets and blockchains without technical knowledge. Applications and smart contracts from Forward Protocol can be deployed on any EVM & Rust compatible chain in one click. Forward Protocol is cross-chain compatible, industry-agnostic, and adoption-focused, with an ultimate goal to fast-track mass adoption of Blockchain Technology.

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