Forward Protocol x ARGOS KYC Integration Partnership — Bringing Reliable and Stable Security Systems to DeFi

Forward Protocol is delighted to reveal the details of its partnership with ARGOS KYC to provide reliable and stable KYC and AML systems to improve safety and security within the blockchain space.

What is ARGOS KYC? 🔍

Partnership Details 🤝

“It is a new dawn for the blockchain, and everyone can see that we are on to something special. Decentralized protocols hold enormous amounts of value, which comes with a responsibility to keep their users safe and secure. Our goals align with ARGOS KYC’s, and we are excited to support each other towards our common vision for the blockchain.”

“ARGOS KYC has a unique story that begins with collaboration. We are excited to enter a new chapter with Forward Protocol to promote our respective solutions to deliver a safe and secure experience for every blockchain user. Our partnership has unlimited potential, and we look forward to seeing what the future holds for us.”



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