Forward Protocol x Kima Partnership — A Commitment to Web3 Usability, Interoperability, and Liquidity Resolution

The Forward Protocol project is excited to announce its partnership with Kima to improve the Web3 user experience by leveraging our dynamic and innovative interoperability and liquidity solutions.

What is Kima? 🔍

Partnership Details 🤝

“The blockchain industry continues to evolve, and we have grown to the stage where even the early pessimists have begun exploring ways to get in on the action. However, new users often face different hurdles that eventually wear them out. We aim to remove these barriers and appreciate the opportunity to collaborate with other projects that share this vision. Working with Kima allows us to explore new ways to reach our collective goal faster and more efficiently. We are excited to be moving forward together.”

“People that witnessed the evolution of personal computers know how command line interfaces limited their usability during the early DOS days. However, they reached new levels of popularity when companies learned to combine innovation with usability for non-technical users. Similarly, Web3 can’t continue to focus solely on innovation without resolving the user experience. We are collaborating with Forward Protocol to resolve these issues with a level of simplification that no one has explored yet. This collective vision is the motivation for our collaboration, and we look forward to growing together”, shared Eitan Katz, the CEO at Kima.



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