Forward Protocol x Lepasa Partnership — Unleashing the Potential of NFTs

Forward Protocol
3 min readMar 8, 2022


Forward Protocol, the creator of blockchain adoption toolkits and the ‘WordPress’ for Web 3.0 applications and digital assets management, has partnered with Lepasa. This partnership will allow our partner to leverage our novel Proof of Ownership smart contract to lend, lease and rent their NFTs.

The Forward Protocol project is delighted to enter this partnership to demonstrate the potential of our smart contracts in real-life applications. Our collaboration with Lepasa, an NFT Art project, is dedicated to unleashing the inherent potential in NFT technology beyond digital art collections and market hype.

“Forward Protocol collaborates with traditional and decentralized finance to promote more rewarding financial ecosystems, and that is the aim of our partnership with Lepasa. We are excited by the potential that our collaboration offers. Together, we can offer more flexibility and incentive for the NFT space, including artists, enthusiasts, speculators, collectors, and investors.” — Mitch Rankin, Co-Founder of Forward Protocol.

“Lepasa Metaverse is not controlled by any central organization or single authority. No single entity has the power to modify the rules of the software, contents, economics of the tokens, or prevent others from accessing it. The vision is to establish a virtually real ecosystem that allows users to create, experience, and monetize their ideas and applications. Our core beliefs are in sync with Forward Protocol, which also aims to be fully decentralized and maintain independence from any third-party influence. We are proud to begin this journey with our new partners to develop a toolkit for a decentralized value-driven economy.” — Alok Joshi, Co-Founder of Lepasa.

This partnership is a convergence of visions between Forward Protocol and Lepasa. Both projects are committed to providing more opportunities and flexibility to participants in the NFT sphere.

Forward Protocol’s IVO, the third and final token sale event is fast approaching. The date and all other important announcements will be made on our official social media channels. Community members and blockchain enthusiasts can find more information about our vision and mission through our Litepaper and Whitepaper.

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About Forward Protocol — Forward Protocol uses an easy-to-use WordPress-like model to facilitate a no-code environment that users can use to deploy their blockchain applications without technical knowledge. Forward Protocol has elements of NFT, DeFi, Gamification, AI, ML and Social Tokens inbuilt that connect the value-driven economy. Applications and smart contracts from Forward Protocol can be deployed on any EVM compatible chains in one click. Forward Protocol is cross-chain compatible, industry-agnostic, and adoption-focused, with an ultimate goal to fast-track mass adoption of Blockchain Technology.

About Lepasa — Lepasa is a digital art project that uses mythical creatures and concepts to represent a virtual universe created by artists. The project aims to unleash the potential of NFT technology and arts beyond the digital art collection narrative. It aims to achieve this by creating and monetizing its content and applications. Every creative piece on Lepasa is an NFT token (ERC-721) that can be using its native Lepasa token (ERC-20) — Lepa.



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