Forward Protocol x Liqd Partnership — Bringing Innovative Liquidity Solutions to the NFT Space

We are delighted to update our community about our partnership with Liqd to unlock innovative liquidity solutions in the NFT market space.

What is Liqd? 🔍

Liqd is an NFT marketplace built to enable the collateralization of NFTs. The platform enables individuals who hold NFT assets to unlock liquidity by borrowing against the value of their asset(s).

  • gain liquidity through loans issued against their valuable illiquid assets (NFTs)
  • set the term for loans (amount, time frame, APR)
  • assess lenders to choose the best loan offers and requirements for their personal needs
  • earn interest on their NFTs by offering them as flexible loan facilities
  • acquire blue-chip NFTs at a fraction of their price if a loan is unpaid
  • artists can gain liquidity even without selling their assets at inconvenient periods
  • It also encourages holders to remain within their preferred NFT communities without selling off their assets before they want to.

Partnership Details 🤝

Forward Protocol does not compete with anybody; we collaborate to make blockchain adoption seamless and straightforward. We enter this partnership with Liqd to present the ultimate liquidity solution for DeFi users and participants in the NFT marketplace.



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