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4 min readJan 14, 2022

Introducing GoForward

The Forward Protocol development team remains focused on our vision to facilitate blockchain adoption through toolkits that make blockchain functions easy to implement, fun to use, and rewarding for all participants. Immediately after the overwhelming success of our Token Sale events, we got to work, building from a position of strength. Quit while we’re ahead? Definitely not Forward Protocol.

Our teams recognize every development opportunity and work overtime to make it happen. Even though everyone was busy taking a break and enjoying the holidays, we never stopped working.

The community’s enthusiasm endured throughout the festive period, and we loved engaging with you in our channels. Your presence and contributions during our AMAs also helped us feel the pulse of the Forward community.

We discovered that despite the success of our SHO and IBO, many of you could not participate in the events for many valid reasons. Since then, calls for another shot at getting $FORWARD have gotten louder every day, and we heard you. We also want to give everyone a fair shot to be part of the Forward vision.

So, by popular demand, meet the native launchpad of Forward Protocol — GoForward.

What is GoForward?

GoForward is the native launchpad of Forward Protocol and the first native application of our smart contracts to go live. Forward Protocol provides the ultimate solution to blockchain adoption barriers, and GoForward is a verifiable proof of this concept. That’s why we built GoForward on one of our core smart contracts — the Initial Value Offering smart contract.

GoForward will provide trustless and permissionless escrow services to create transparent fundraising opportunities for startups, companies, content creators, and communities on the blockchain and safety for backers. Leveraging on our IVO smart contract will ensure safety, transparency, and accountability of funds for all parties involved in a contract.

GoForward is still in essence a demonstration of the IVO smart contract. First, it will host the third round of our Token Sale but from there, the possibilities are only limited by users’ needs. In the future, anyone using our Forward Factory can create their own launchpad in a few clicks.

The case for GoForward

GoForward is a sample deployment of our IVO smart contracts from the suite of products available in Forward Factory. This application template will allow anyone to host fundraising events and is backed by our IVO smart contract. The smart contract verifies that all the agreement terms are adhered to, and funds are released according to predetermined conditions.

Hence, anyone can use IVO according to their use case and enjoy the best of Blockchain-backed fundraising services. Users can create customized launchpads using $FORWARD and the IVO smart contract through the Forward Factory. Our IVO smart contract will support and host tokenized or non-tokenized fundraising, Kickstarter programs, and other forms of crowdfunding events.

GoForward also provides another use case for $FORWARD holders, as in the future any launch will require Forward tokens to be held by the participants to qualify. This model will add to $FORWARD’s perennial demand, making it worthwhile for token holders and community members.

Forward IVO on GoForward

You read that right!

Forward Protocol will host our third and final Token Sale event on GoForward. We took this decision because of the community’s desire to get in early and support the Forward vision. During the token sale on GoForward, you can buy Forward tokens without holding, staking, or interacting with any third-party tokens. So, you know what that means. It is the final chance to get Forward tokens early before our official grand listings.

While we create the framework to facilitate the largest blockchain adoption movement, we also want to provide ample opportunities for participants to join this vision. Our third and final Token Sale event will provide another outlet for more community members to get on the Forward train. We’d ask you to save the date, but we don’t have one yet. It’s coming, though, and it’s definitely happening! Hodl your positions, community. We are almost there.

Now, you see that we listen to you.

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