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Forward Protocol
3 min readJul 10, 2021

Good Publicity is the Name of the Game

If you have been around since the beginning, you might have noticed how enthusiastic we are to share these updates here. Ready for another round?

Forward Protocol will provide knowledge transfer based on Blockchain Lists English Forward among the Top Blockchain Startups in Malta

With every passing second, Forward Protocol nears full deployment. It is not an overstatement when we say there is a queue of learning system providers waiting to deploy the protocol on their platform. We won’t tell you how long that queue is, but we’ll let one slip because, obviously, we can’t contain ourselves.

It is English Forward!

English Forward is the largest English learning community on the internet, with a global reach of over 310 million unique visitors. They have been around for the best part of 19 years, with most of their students coming from regions that are perennially underserved by the current education system. Is it really any wonder why they jumped to the front of the queue?

Lately, English Forward has been working to adopt blockchain technology to improve the quality of education it provides to its users. If you have stuck around, you’ll know that Forward Protocol aims to deliver on that and then some.

Imagine 310 million more students from around the world gaining access to a world-class education. It’s a noble cause, and anyone should expect some accolade for pioneering a cause as such. Well, English Forward is doing it in collaboration with Forward Protocol, and they will get rewarded for it: noticed their efforts and rewarded them with a place on their prestigious list — top blockchain startups in Malta.

Forward Protocol Appears on Cryptopolitan Yet Again

Cryptopolitan is a leading cryptocurrency news outlet dedicated to delivering authentic, technical, and unique insights to the cryptocurrency community. Cryptopolitan prides itself in maintaining its journalistic neutrality — the recipe for objectiveness in reporting news.

Now, you can imagine our pride when we realized that we were featured on Cryptopolitan once more. This feature is also a direct consequence of our work with English Forward. It is a true honor to be acknowledged by acclaimed professionals in the crypto space. This achievement will only serve as motivation, to work harder, do better, push Forward, as this recognition is the best fuel we can possibly provide to the Forward Protocol engine (second only to the support we get from our community)!

We know not to burn too bright too fast, though. The task ahead of us is a marathon, not a sprint. Forward Protocol is not a flash in the pan. We plan to have more than a day in the sun. Do you get it now, or should we just keep going with the analogies?

The bottom line is, Forward Protocol is around for the long haul. By 2030, we hope to update this article to show that we helped UNESCO achieve its SDG #4 in record time.

Blockchainwire Examines Forward Protocol

Blockchainwire is one of the foremost blockchain press distribution services that exclusively serves news about blockchain, distributed ledger technology companies, STOs, ICOs, and other blockchain and crypto-related announcements. Blockchainwire enjoys a wide readership within the crypto space, and a simple mention in an article is enough to generate attention in the direction of a product or service.

Well, Forward Protocol is now on Blockchainwire thanks to its unique vision and elaborate business plan. You can find the original article here.

None of this would have been possible without the hard work of our development team and you, the community supporting us. The team remains dedicated to achieving more, and you can bank on it. There’ll be more of these articles in the future, and you can count on us to maintain our enthusiasm.

Forward Protocol is proud of what it has achieved and we hope to make you proud to be part of our world-changing family!

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