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5 min readApr 4, 2024

Forwardians, assemble!

It feels like only yesterday when the ball dropped and we made our resolutions for 2024. A few days have passed since then, and for many of us, it has been an eventful year.

Days have turned into weeks and months, and now, we have reached a significant milestone that bears reflection — the end of the first quarter of 2024. It is time to pause and review the milestones achieved and challenges overcome during this period.

Like a thrilling rollercoaster ride, the past few months have been filled with thrilling highs and exciting twists and turns, pushing us to adapt and grow. Of course, our experiences have made us stronger and armed us with valuable lessons and inspiring victories.

Join us as we present Forward’s Q1 progress report, a testament to our unwavering commitment to our ultimate goal — providing no-code Web3 solutions for everyone.

We started the year with our $FORWARD token launch campaign, and we quickly ran out of superlatives to describe the overwhelming success we recorded during the event. We set records on different token sale platforms, selling out $FORWARD allocations within seconds on multiple occasions.

During our ground-breaking run, we sold out on:

A ground-breaking token sale campaign deserves an epic listing carousel, and we did not let you down. $FORWARD is now listed on five exchanges

Since launch, we have continued adding new utilities and functionalities to the Forward Factory and $FORWARD token:

Check out $FORWARD on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko for more real-time info about our token.

The Web3 space is growing faster than anyone can keep up with. That is why we have always focused on making impactful associations and connections with over 800 supporters and partner projects who have helped us along our journey.

Special shoutout to our partners in Q1 2024:

Hearty cheers to our investors and supporters:

Since the beginning, we have always known that we had the best community in Web3, and you have answered the call whenever we needed you. That’s why we also explore every opportunity to reward your loyalty with the largest bounty offerings in Web3.

In Q1 2024, we crossed many milestones together. We were also involved in reward campaigns across different platforms:

Q1 2024 was the perfect quarter for Forward.

The Forward project was built on the vision of our co-founders and driven forward by their unrelenting efforts. This is the Forward culture, and we are excited to share our co-founders’ exploits over the last few months with you.

Mr. KEY is a beacon of Web3 knowledge, and like the energizer bunny, he never runs out of juice. He was everywhere these last three months.

Mitch Rankin remains a role model within Web3. His abundance of knowledge and expertise combine to deliver engaging and impactful sessions with enthusiastic Web3 audiences.

The magic never stops in the Forward Factory, and it’s about to get even better as Forward Factory Version 4 (FFV4) went live on testnet.

From January to March, our focus on educating our community and answering your questions never wavered:

What’s next?

We will continue moving forward into the second quarter of 2024 with excitement for the opportunities coming our way and the challenges we might have to contend with.

If you need more answers about our project, please check out our Whitepaper.

Join us to get the latest updates and become a member of the most vibrant community in Web3.

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