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4 min readFeb 15, 2024

Forward has had an incredible run over the last few weeks, and understandably, things became hectic with an overload of big news and important updates leading up to pivotal moments that preceded some of our biggest wins.

However, amid the achievements, we also noticed that some of you have had specific issues along the way. In the spirit of community and moving forward together, we’ve found it pertinent to address these issues head-on and get everyone on the same page.

This piece will address the following issues:

  • Market info wrongly displayed on the Bubble Bot interface
  • Issues claiming $FORWARD after participating in the LaunchBlock IDO
  • Guidance with bridging $FORWARD from Ethereum to BSC

Before we go any further, massive thanks to all of you for the remarkable strides we’ve made together. It’s been an inspiring journey marked by dedication, innovation, and unwavering support. Your passion and commitment have been the driving force behind our recent successes, propelling us closer to our shared vision of excellence.

Market Info Wrongly Displayed on the Bubble Bot Interface

Bubble Bot is an all-inclusive Telegram platform that combines an array of services to provide convenience and versatility for users to interface with the dynamic cryptocurrency landscape from a single familiar interface.

It uses a variety of tools (especially on-chain oracles) to provide the diverse spectrum of functionalities it offers, from spot and futures trading to multi-token staking and comprehensive hedging solutions.

However, on-chain oracles also have their limitations, one of them being that oracles extract data from online sources (centralized and decentralized exchanges). Hence, the information on the bot is only as accurate as the data availability and update frequency.

In the case of Bubble Bot, it extracts its data from the CoinGecko platform, where we’re currently going through the application process as of the time of publishing. We hope to update you about the successful completion of the process soon, which will also improve the accuracy of the $FORWARD data available on Bubble Bot.

Hopefully, you now understand the discrepancy between live market data and the information available on Bubble Bot. Please take this latency into consideration if you choose to use the bot to interact with our moon-bound $FORWARD token.

Issues Claiming $FORWARD After Participating in the LaunchBlock IDO

We also noticed some of you who participated in our LaunchBlock IDO have had difficulties claiming your $FORWARD on our vesting page.

Regarding that issue, we have collected the information of everyone affected. We can also confirm that you will be able to claim your tokens from our vesting portal within the next 24 hours.

Please stay tuned for updates on our social media channels.

Guidance with the $FORWARD Ethereum — BSC Bridge

We recently launched our Ethereum — BSC bridge portal as an integral part of the Forward interoperability experience.

With the Forward Ethereum — BSC bridge, we now have a sturdy two-way path for users to interact with two of the most active and reliable networks in the blockchain space.

  • For the BSC to ETH path, connect your wallet via the BSC mainnet.
  • For the ETH to BSC path, connect your wallet via the ETH network.

Visit our BSC — ETH bridge portal to begin to enjoy the best of interoperability and versatility. Also, ensure you have enough tokens to cover your gas fees on the network you’re connected to.

Got Any Other Problems?

If you have any other issues we have not addressed in this piece, please reach out to us on our official social media channels. We can assure you that we all want the same thing — to give you the best experience across all our platforms, products, and services.

To talk to us, reach out here — | X || Telegram || YouTube || Facebook || Instagram || Discord |

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