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3 min readMay 17, 2023


Forward’s no-code dApp builder, featuring a front-end with a drag-and-drop interface that allows any user to deploy customized applications without technical knowledge, has completed a chain integration with MetisDAO, an EVM-compatible Layer-2 solution, designed to provide the infrastructure required to migrate all business models from Web2 to Web3.

The Forward-Metis chain integration will allow anyone to deploy customizable dApps on Metis’ affordable L2 network to leverage its decentralization, scalability, and security solutions on the Ethereum mainnet, regardless of their technical experience.

This integration will also allow developers to create and upload functional smart contract templates to Forward Factory and earn rewards from deployment fees on Metis.

Visit to sign up and deploy your smart contract templates on Metis.

Mitch Rankin, Forward Co-Founder, said:

“We can now do so much on the blockchain because Visionary projects like Metis provide a viable solution to the blockchain trilemma. With the trilemma resolved, projects like Forward can now focus on other problems, such as removing the technicality barrier. Together, we provide a non-technical path to access the opportunities available through truly secure, scalable, and decentralized networks.”

“This integration marks a significant milestone for both platforms, as it enables users to build and deploy full-stack dApps on any EVM and Rust-based chain of their choice, thus opening up more possibilities for creators to build and launch their projects, ultimately leading to greater innovation and adoption of decentralized technologies,” said Metis L2 Lead Tom Ngo.

About Forward — Forward uses an easy-to-use WordPress-like model to facilitate a no-code environment that users can use to deploy their dApps, subnets and blockchains without technical knowledge. Applications and smart contracts from Forward can be deployed on any EVM & Rust compatible chain in a few clicks. Visit to deploy your own dApps on 700+ integrated chains.

About MetisDAO:

Metis is a Layer 2 solution compatible with the Ethereum network, designed to provide the infrastructure necessary for migrating all business models from Web2 to Web3. Metis’s platform empowers businesses to embrace the benefits of decentralized applications, smart contracts, and blockchain protocols by offering user-friendly, scalable, and secure solutions.

Visit to deploy your own dApps on 700+ integrated chains.

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