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2 min readApr 24, 2024


Forward is leading the race to build Web3’s most comprehensive suite of AI-driven, no-code toolkits that allow users to customize and deploy dApp templates from a non-technical interface. Our chain integration arrangement with Optopia, a Layer 2 Ethereum network dedicated to supporting blockchain-backed developments in AI technology, brings us closer to our ultimate goal of seamless Web3 experiences for all.

With Optopia integrated into the Forward Factory, we have removed the technicality barrier limiting AI innovation by giving users access to a no-code, drag-and-drop interface where they can quickly build and customize full-stack Web3 applications and deploy them directly to Optopia’s L2 blockchain.

The Forward Marketplace also provides an opportunity for developers to unlock the full range of Optopia’s advantages by providing a vibrant platform for them to create, upload, and monetize their templates. This new batch of developers will bring a fresh perspective to dApp development across the Forward ecosystem.

Visit to sign up and deploy your dApp templates on Optopia.

Mitch Rankin, Forward Co-Founder, said:

“We are living in truly exciting times, and with our chain integration with Optopia, we have an opportunity to actively contribute to the innovation happening around us. Our ground-breaking achievements in the realm of no-code Web3 adoption toolkits provide the perfect foundation to encourage and sustain advancements in AI technology. Together, we are building toward a future where seamless interoperability between these sectors becomes the norm.”

Visit to deploy your own dApps on 800+ integrated chains.

About Forward — The AI-driven, no-code solution for building and deploying dApps, blockchains, and subnets with ease. Inspired by WordPress’s simplicity, Forward allows seamless deployment on over 800 chains — no technical skills required. Start your blockchain journey at

About Optopia — Optopia is an L2 Blockchain specifically designed for artificial intelligence (AI) applications. It is committed to pioneering AI application standards and exploring various AI use cases. Built on the Op Stack, Optopia ensures EVM compatibility while providing exceptional performance, minimal costs, and robust security for AI applications.

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