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3 min readJul 28


Forward, a no-code dApp builder that allows users to deploy customized applications using its front-end features and drag-and-drop functions, has completed a strategic chain integration arrangement with Rootstock.

The Forward-Rootstock chain integration arrangement means users can create and customize dApps on Forward Factory and deploy them on Rootstock’s network to leverage the unique features of the EVM-compatible network built to optimize the security and other native features of the Bitcoin network.

Our partnership unlocks a straightforward path for blockchain users at all levels of technicality to create and deploy fully functional smart contract templates on Rootstock. It will also allow developers from the Rootstock community to create and upload their dApps and smart contract templates to the Forward Marketplace to earn profits for their templates.

Visit to sign up and deploy your smart contract templates on the Rootstock Network in less than 5 minutes.

Mitch Rankin, Forward Co-Founder, said:

“As the blockchain space continues to evolve, the importance of collaboration and integration between forward-thinking projects becomes increasingly clear. We are excited to combine resources with Rootstock to forge new connections between blockchains and unlock new possibilities for innovation and growth. We are definitely closer to our shared vision of a decentralized future now.”

Bruno Almeida, Chief Marketing Officer at IOVLabs, said:

“The true value of integration lies not just in the technical benefits it offers but in the opportunity it provides for like-minded projects to work together toward a common goal. Our chain integration with Forward brings two blockchain projects together in a mutually beneficial partnership to unleash the limitless potential for progress.”

About Forward — Forward uses an easy-to-use WordPress-like model to facilitate a no-code environment that users can use to deploy their dApps, subnets and blockchains without technical knowledge. Applications and smart contracts from Forward can be deployed on any EVM & Rust compatible chain in a few clicks. Visit to deploy your own dApps on 700+ integrated chains.

About Rootstock — Rootstock is a secure smart contracts platform built on the Bitcoin network. The Rootstock blockchain supports a freer, fairer, and more decentralized world by providing a platform to deploy EVM-compatible smart contracts. It extends Bitcoin’s capabilities to enable smart contracts without compromising its core layer and allows users to build the next biggest Bitcoin DeFi protocol.

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