Hunting Bugs and Striking Gold: Forward Calls for Elite Hunters in the Bug Bounty Campaign

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5 min readApr 9, 2024

The Forward locomotive is rustling along nicely, and the testnet version gives a mighty fine sneak peek into some of the improvements we’ve bundled up in the new and upgraded Forward Factory Version 4 (FFV4).

While we continue fixin’ toward launching FFV4 with a bang, we’ve also been workin’ around the clock to ensure the security and stability of our platform. Like a seasoned cowboy on a cattle drive, we’ve been testing and re-testing, removing any potential limitations or vulnerabilities we encounter.

Now, we ain’t in this rodeo alone. That’s where you come in, partner. We need your sharp eyes and keen attention to detail to help us round up potential vulnerabilities and fortify the Forward Factory against future threats.

So saddle up, folks! We’re downright thrilled to kick off our Bug Bounty Campaign — the next big showdown on our journey to the eagerly anticipated launch of FFV4!

Forward’s Bug Bounty Campaign calls on the bravest Forwardians to saddle up and put their skills to the test against the untamed frontiers of the FFV4 testnet.

Campaign starts: Tue, 9th April

Ends: TBA*

  • The campaign will continue to run until the team is sure we have sufficient testing data.
  • Rewards will be doubled at the end of each 30-day period if the campaign remains active for more than one month.

Here’s the scoop, folks! This campaign isn’t just about pulling your weight — it’s also about honoring and rewarding your grit. Each varmint of a bug you uncover brings us one step closer to a grand Forward Factory Version 4 showdown. In exchange, we ain’t handing out meager participation ribbons either.

The Bug Bounty is open to everyone, with absolutely no exclusion criteria.

Let’s talk about the particulars.

  • Go to Factory Version 4 Testnet to begin your bug hunting quest.
  • Submit the bugs you find to the Bug Bounty Form.
  • Please note that you must fill out one form for each bug you find.
  • Bugs have four categories, as determined by our tech team. Each category has a fixed point allocation — Low (1 point), Medium (3 points), High (5 points), and Critical (10 points).
  • Each tester receives the corresponding points associated with the severity of the bugs they find.
  • Testers’ points will be published on the public leaderboard (The leader board will be live one week after the campaign begins and will be updated every 1–2 days).
  • Please test on different browsers, devices, wallet connect routes, etc., to increase your chances of finding and reporting bugs.
  • Report any bugs relating to UI, text, usability issues, security, etc., not just technical bugs.

Very Important: In order to prevent spam submissions, the final question in the form requires you to get your daily emoji from a Forward Telegram community moderator.

The Forward Factory is bustling with all sorts of dApps and templates just waiting to be unleashed. However, don’t let the bright lights and magic fool you — every flashy display comes from well-oiled machines working tirelessly backstage to bring you the ultimate no-code Web3 experience.

Here in the Forward Factory, we treat our folks right. Whether you’re a developer or a regular user, you’ll find yourself on different trails, each one tailored to your journey through the Forward Marketplace.

It’s a true all-hands-on-deck operation around these parts, making sure everyone has a fair chance at finding their pot of gold. Remember, many hands make light work.

Developer Flow:

  • Forward sign-up process
  • Upload a contract
  • Map the tags
  • Build a front-end
  • Use all the other builder tools and test every functionality, including but not limited to:
  • AI (magic attributes) to help build the front-end
  • Add custom code
  • Test screen size responsiveness
  • Release to the Marketplace

End-User Flow:

  • Forward sign-up process
  • Select, customize, and deploy a Marketplace template
  • Interact with the deployed template’s front-end
  • Interact with the deployed template’s admin panel
  • Deploy on different chains

The following pages, sections, and templates are also part of the testing experience:

  • Marketplace
  • My Applications
  • My Templates
  • User Info
  • Tickets
  • Meme Token Template
  • Dutch Auction Template

As mentioned earlier, the Bug Bounty Campaign welcomes all, from greenhorns to seasoned cowpokes, to join in the hunt.

Here are the cash prizes we have in store:

  • 1st: $1,000
  • 2nd: $500
  • 3rd: $300
  • 4th: $100
  • Participants with at least 3 points (excluding 1st-4th): $50

*All prizes will be awarded as equivalents in $FORWARD tokens

Get astride your mounts, partners! As we ride into this Bug Bounty Campaign, we’re mustering every Forward supporter to join us in keeping our Factory safe for all. Your participation isn’t merely appreciated; it’s downright crucial to making sure users can roam the Marketplace without a care in the world. With your sharp eyes and steady hands, we aim to fortify our defenses against threats and sniff out any bugs trying to cause trouble.

So, whether you’re a seasoned bounty hunter or just dustin’ off your spurs, we’re calling on you to mosey on over and join us in this posse. Let’s rustle up these bugs and make our Forward Factory safer for everyone!

Keep an eye on our social media channels to stay in the loop with the chatter about this campaign and all our latest escapades.

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