Reaching One Billion People

Forward’s Vision

Through the Forward Factory, Forward Protocol aims to provide all the options to suit various industry sectors, allowing them to deploy smart contracts without editing or rewriting the underlying code. It hopes to achieve this goal by offering easy-to-use, customizable, interactive smart contracts and an intuitive user interface to any deploying organization. Users can customize Forward Protocol’s core smart contracts to cover almost every value exchange scenario.

B2B Business Models

Forward Factory provides a suite of essential smart contracts for various industries such as decentralized education, decentralized e-commerce, and decentralized organizations. Forward follows a B2B approach, which means that it is not attempting to onboard individual users primarily, but, by collaborating with a multitude of businesses with a pre-existing user base, it will secure an ever-growing number of users.

Decentralized Education

English Forward, an English learning community that has been active for over 19 years, will be the one of the first platforms to deploy Forward Protocol’s solution. It aims to reward every participant on the platform for their value contributions. Once this deployment goes online, Forward Protocol will have immediately transferred a platform with over 220,000 registered users and 310 million unique users to the blockchain successfully. Many more educational institutions and EdTech businesses (such as Unified Council, Community Aviation) are set to follow suit.

Decentralized E-Commerce

Forward Factory facilitates the creation of a novel model of decentralized products listings. The factory will provide a variety of customizable smart contracts that will enable products sold as NFTs, renting NFTs, loyalty reward in $FORWARD and more in a decentralized and peer-to-peer system. In this system, sellers can list digital products like short videos, images, sounds, 3D models, and document templates designs. At the end of the interaction, the customer and merchant can leave a review through the Proof Of Value-Delivered (PoV-D) smart contract.

Decentralized Organizations

Creating decentralized organizations is more than just the creation of DAOs. It also includes systems that incentivizes and encourages members of the organization to perform at their best, which is where the Proof of Value contract plays a significant role. These will be made much easier thanks to the gasless feature of Forward Protocol.

What’s the Take Away?

Forward Protocol’s ambition is to onboard one billion new users to the blockchain. Following the recent success and future projections, we just might reach our target sooner than expected. With a WordPress-like model that recruits new users by interacting directly with large institutions and businesses, the one billion mark is starting to look more and more like a question of ‘when’ and no longer ‘if”.



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Forward Protocol

Forward Protocol

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