The Countdown Begins: Closure of the 4-Year Staking Pool — Guaranteed 50% APRs Awaits

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3 min readMar 19, 2024

We’re thrilled to announce important updates to the 4-year pool of our $FORWARD staking program, adding more lucrative rewards and significant enhancements to our growing ecosystem.

First, we have a critical update for our $FORWARD token holders: the impending deadline for the closure of our 4-year staking pool. The 4-year staking pool will cease to accept new participants from the 6th of May, 2024.

This news also comes with an exciting update: 50% APRs — fixed, assured, and stable! This latest update to our APR rate is a direct response to the feedback from our community.

Currently yielding 11%, the additional 39% to the APR guarantees a 50% return, marking a major milestone and upgrade for investors.

The clock is ticking — this rare opportunity will cease to exist in less than two months.

What Does this Mean for You as a $FORWARD Token Holder?

If you’ve been considering committing your tokens to the 4-year staking pool because you want to maximize the exceptional, guaranteed rewards on offer, now is the time to act.

Once the deadline passes, the opportunity to enjoy the full benefits of the 4-year staking pool will be permanently closed.

Seize this opportunity before the deadline to secure your spot in the 4-year staking pool and also position yourself to earn upgraded rewards throughout the staking period.

Remember, with the additional 39%, participants in the 4-year pool stand to enjoy a net 50% APR, resulting in a potential 2X return on staked tokens.

Why Should You Stake?

Staking your cryptocurrencies is a lucrative avenue to earn passive income on your digital assets rather than leaving them dormant in your wallet. It is similar to earning interest on savings or dividends on shares. Staking crypto amplifies your holdings without additional token purchases.

Also, the staking program supports the ecosystem by controlling the token supply available in the market, as tokens are locked in staking pools for a defined duration.

Staking $FORWARD Details

$FORWARD staking offers five distinct commitment periods ranging from 3 months to 4 years. Each staking period presents varying Annual Percentage Rate (APR) rewards, with longer staking periods yielding higher rewards.

Getting Started

Participating in the $FORWARD staking program is straightforward:

  1. Acquire $FORWARD Tokens: First, add $FORWARD tokens to your wallet. You can buy $FORWARD on any of the exchanges where our token is listed.
  2. Choose Your Staking Period: Select the staking duration that aligns with your investment strategy and risk tolerance. Remember, longer staking periods generally yield higher rewards.
  3. Stake Your Tokens: Initiate the staking process through Forward’s dedicated platform or your preferred staking service provider. Follow the prompts to lock in your tokens for the chosen duration.
  4. Monitor and Reap Rewards: Keep track of your staking activity and rewards. Depending on the staking duration, rewards may be distributed periodically or at the end of the staking period.

Take Action Today

Don’t let this opportunity slip through your fingers. If you’re still contemplating staking your $FORWARD tokens in the 4-year pool, now is the time to take action. By staking before the 6th of May, 2024, you ensure that you’re part of this exclusive opportunity to earn significant long-term rewards.

Secure your financial future within the Forward ecosystem by staking your tokens today. The clock is ticking, and the countdown to the closure of the 4-year staking pool has begun.

Don’t miss out — stake now and unlock the full potential of your $FORWARD tokens.

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