Web 3.0 Brings Forward Protocol and AcknoLedger Together

Web 3.0 Brings Forward Protocol and AcknoLedger Together

Forward Protocol, the ‘WordPress’ for Web 3.0 applications and digital assets as well as the motivator of the decentralized education revolution, has partnered with AcknoLedger. The partnership will focus on mapping, monetizing, and distributing NFTs and digital assets seamlessly across the Forward Ecosystem. Our collaboration will provide interoperability and improved interactions across different metaverses to optimize the digital asset management experience.

Forward Protocol and AcknoLedger are committed to improving decentralized marketplaces, NFTs and Web 3.0 capabilities to lead the next revolution in blockchain technology and achieve the ultimate goal of mass adoption.

“Web 3.0 is the next level of innovation in blockchain technology, and we are all excited about it. However, interoperability and transparency will never go out of style. AcknoLedger is a leading figure in web 3.0, and it provides the infrastructure to introduce these core functions into our decentralized ecosystem. Our collaboration will help both of us provide facilitating environments to map, monetize and distribute digital assets on the metaverses.”

With the support from AcknoLedger, Forward Protocol will continue its efforts to improve blockchain adoption across different legacy systems and help them leverage the potentials of the metaverse.

Forward Protocol’s IDO is fast approaching. The date will be announced on our social channels in the coming weeks. Community members can refer to our Litepaper and Whitepaper to learn more about our project as we continue our quest for mass blockchain adoption.

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About Forward Protocol — Forward Protocol is building toolkits for a decentralized value-driven economy starting with a modular blockchain-based learning solution that has five ready-to-deploy and customizable smart contracts to enable learning platforms to adopt blockchain technology and its capabilities seamlessly. It aims to revolutionize the way the world learns forever.

About AcknoLedger — AcknoLedger is the decentralized solution that connects and manages Web 3.0 digital assets through a three-step M2D model — Mapping, Monetizing, and Distributing Assets. It indexes NFTs from games, metaverses and marketplaces to help users make informed decisions. AcknoLedger allows existing Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 content platforms to monetize content and digital assets using its channels and APIs. It also helps market and distribute content across different metaverses by indexing and tracking digital assets to maintain authenticity.



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