Forward Monthly Review — February

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6 min readMar 1, 2023

As a project committed to moving forward and unlocking new opportunities for our community members through our progress within the blockchain space, the end of the month is a special time for us.

It is the time of the month when we can draw the curtain on our previous achievements while we flip the page to focus on new objectives. Nobody wraps up a successful month and seamlessly ushers in a new one like Forward. So, here goes -

Forward Partnerships 🤝

Our project moves forward by exploring the limitless potential and unlocking the opportunities available through collaboration with forward-thinking projects. The blockchain space moves forward when users can easily access innovative solutions and deploy them on a user-friendly interface without any technical knowledge required.

We made huge strides toward achieving this goal in February through our partnerships.

Brise Chain Partnership 🔗

Forward finalized an epic collaboration with Brise Chain. Our multidimensional partnership with Brise Chain includes a chain integration arrangement so that Forward users can deploy our dApps and smart contract templates on Brise Chain. Developers within the Brise Chain community can also propose smart contracts and dApps for the Forward Marketplace. Our partners also supported us with a generous grant to progress our vision.

Argos KYC Partnership 🤝

We maintained our partner-powered forward momentum when we completed our collaboration arrangement with Argos KYC. Our partnership with Argos KYC will allow users to easily integrate our partner’s novel technology in ID verification when they deploy dApps and smart contracts from Forward Factory. You can find all the details of our partnership here.

The Forward Movement ⏩

The Forward community is growing, and our vision reaches every part of the blockchain space and beyond. Our message is gaining popularity because of our commitment to spreading our vision through high-impact channels.


This month, we joined MahaDAO for an exclusive AMA to give our communities an all-access pass to explore all the amazing things happening behind the scenes at Forward Factory. Check out the AMA recording to get up to speed with our platform’s latest updates, features, and front-end and back-end functions.

AcknoLedger Twitter Space

The blockchain is evolving, and our project is at the center of innovation. So, we joined AcknoLedger for an insightful meeting to explore the technologies powering the metaverse. In case you issued that conversation between the best and brightest minds within the blockchain space, you can find the recording here.

Blockchain Fest Singapore Panel

The Forward message has traveled far and wide, and this month, we made it to the big stage at one of the most impactful blockchain events of the year, 2023. Our co-founder, Mr. KEY, shared the Forward perspective during the “Navigating Crypto as a Venture Fund” panel at Blockchain Fest Singapore, 2023. It was a unique opportunity to connect with a global audience that shares our enthusiasm for the blockchain space.

Moving Forward Together 🙌

The Forward project is an exceptional vision formed in the minds of our exceptional co-founders. The reliability and dependability of our visionaries propel us toward our lofty ambitions, and we could not ask for better representatives.

Aptos Labs

This month, Mr. KEY got busy and set us on the forward trajectory by connecting with Mo Shaikh (Co-Founder), Alex Mittendorf (General Counsel), and Bashar Lazaar (Ecosystem & Partnerships) — the inspiring minds behind the Aptos Labs project. Of course, you have to be bullish when you get this much brainpower in the same place and at the same time.

Blockchain Fest Singapore

The blockchain space is filled with stars, and our co-founder shined very bright at Blockchain Fest Singapore 2023. Mr. KEY was a guest speaker on a panel of experts at this year’s event to discuss the topic — Navigating Crypto as a Venture Fund.

While he was not sharing the Forward perspective on the big stage, he was connecting with the impact makers in our industry. He was in the company of esteemed personalities when we ran into him, posing for pictures with Hong Tian Lee, the CEO of, and members of the OKC team (OKX Chain).

Something to Look Forward to 🔮

We are cooking something big, so you don’t want to take your eyes off this space.

Our co-founder, Mr. KEY, met with Saeed Mohamed Al Janahi (Senior Economic Consultant at The General Secretariat of the Executive Council — Government of Dubai), Marwan Bin Ghalita (CEO of Real Estate and Regulatory Authority), and Abdulla Al Abdulla (Manager of Dubai Airports).

Are you curious to know what this meeting was about? Why don’t you stick around for the details? It’s coming very soon.

The Forward Movement Never Stops 🎯

The Forward approach to making blockchain adoption seamless and rewarding is progressing through our commitment to creating educational material to inform every blockchain enthusiast of the opportunities and challenges they may face.

The Forward ecosystem is open so that every developer can share their work with the blockchain community and earn rewards for participating in the Forward Marketplace. Our co-founder, Mitch Rankin, got on camera to explain how Forward’s revenue model works and how blockchain developers and investors can thrive with Forward on our YouTube channel.

AI Technology is changing the world, and Forward is evolving with the times and riding the waves of innovation. Check out our Twitter thread for a walkthrough of how Forward leverages gamification techniques to simplify AI and ML capabilities in web3.

We can’t wrap up this month without sparing a special shoutout to the co-founder of The Standard, Joshua Scigala. Supportive partners are the key to mutual growth and forward movements, and we are always excited to return the energy from these quarters.

We Stand with Turkey and Syria 🇹🇷🇸🇾

Our world is far from perfect, and we wish we could do more to improve it.

It saddened our hearts when we heard the distressing news about the earthquake that devastated Turkey and Syria. Our thoughts go out to everyone impacted by this natural hazard, and we pray for immediate relief for them.

Join us in praying and sending aid to them in these trying times.

We love you, and you are in our hearts.

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