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5 min readJun 1, 2024


Can you feel it in the air? Summer is here! There’s a lot to cheer as we approach the middle of the year.

Enough mediocre rhymes; let’s focus on what we do better than anyone else — creating and promoting templates that resolve the barriers to Web3 adoption across sectors and user classes.

May was a month filled with impressive achievements and great endings, like the closure of our 4-year staking pool. It also gave us the greatest parting gift of all — optimism to explore all the opportunities that June has in store for us. It’s even more impressive that we still have so much untapped potential at this point in our journey, and we are thrilled to have our community along for the ride.

Saddle up for a report of our best May yet and a preview of a June like no other.

The Maiden Forward Hackathon at ITMO University

ITMO University in St. Petersburg hosted Forward for our first hackathon event, and the experience was as advertised. We had the best time working in tandem with the technical experts and professionals who turned up for the groundbreaking event as we guided them toward creating and delivering unique templates for the Forward Marketplace.

With $15,000 on the line, our panel of experts had the impossible task of whittling down a list of inspiring teams and exciting ideas until we found our winning teams and templates at the end of the four-week event.

Congratulations to our winning teams: MoreTech, ioob, and Indian Spiders. Their winning templates will soon hit the Marketplace, and it’s all because of the excellent standards they displayed throughout the event.

The experience was unlike any other, and we know everyone who participated will be looking forward to the next edition of the event.

Moving Forward with Our Partners

Forward added new chapters to our success story in the form of the partners who joined us in May. These strategic connections are the networks we leverage to spread our vision throughout the Web3 space while introducing our community to other trendsetters within the industry.

Once again, we welcome our latest partners to the Forward league:

It’s been exciting to have you on board, partners. Let’s run it back in June!

Updates in the Forward Marketplace

If only you could see all the impressive work we’ve put into the upcoming Forward Factory V4. We’re getting excited just talking about it, and we can’t resist the temptation of giving you a sneak peek behind the scenes.

So, here we go! Here are some of the things you should be looking forward to as we approach the full launch of Forward Factory V4:

Bug Bounty Round-Up

During the Bug Bounty Campaign, we invited our community members to scour the Marketplace for technical or aesthetic issues, and you answered the call. We looked through every nook and cranny with our magnifying glasses and turned up over 90 bugs after more than 20 days of intensive testing and debugging.

As usual, we had generous rewards for the Forwardians who helped us throughout the campaign. So, cheers to all of you who made it to the top of our leaderboard.

There’s so much more, but we’ll do our best to keep the lid on all the excitement brewing over here. Stay tuned to our social media channels for updates in the coming days. We’ll keep ’em coming.

The Steps That Move Us Forward

The Forward Marketplace hosts countless templates that allow users to customize and deploy their visions to Web3 within five minutes. Did you know that is the fastest timeline anywhere in the blockchain world?

That’s not all. We’ve been on a hot streak in May:

There’s so much more to know about the Forward ecosystem, and we are eager to share our progress with you. Did you miss any of our educational content? We’ve got you covered!

Looking Forward to June

Once again, we appreciate our community for a successful month. We are also excited to move forward into June with all the momentum we gained in May. Join us for an exciting new chapter, Forwardians.

Step into Web3 with ease and efficiency through the templates and solutions in the Forward Marketplace.

Limitless possibilities await.

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