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3 min readJan 15, 2022

Forward Protocol is the gift that keeps giving. If you already participated in the Forward #MemeContest, then the upcoming Forward Art Contest should get you excited.

The decision to run an art contest comes after the Forward team realized that many community members submitted Forward related artwork in the meme contest and thus decided to do something about it! The Forward team welcomes every community member with artistic talent to Forward’s new ink movement, and this contest is designed specifically for all you talented folk amongst us — here is your chance to get rewarded for your art!

How to Participate

The Forward team is always committed to transparency and inclusivity — every Forward’s community member can join the art contest. The contest will run;

  • Start — 15/01, 3 pm UTC
  • End — 22/01, 3 pm UTC

For your art to be taken into consideration, you need to meet the following conditions;

  • The art must be unique and should be your creation. Stolen art will be rejected. After all, no one likes been-theres and done-thats.
  • Your art should be Forward-related. Here are a few resources you can use in your art.
  • The art can be either digital or handmade — any sort of art will be accepted.
  • You need to submit your art directly in Gleam and complete all the steps to qualify.
  • The Forward team will choose 3 lucky winners based on the uniqueness of the art, creativity and skill.
  • The team will feature the winning art submissions and any other that it deems appropriate in the official Forward Art Pack on Telegram.
  • The Forward Team reserves the right to disqualify any offensive content as it sees fit.

Why Should You Participate in the Art Contest?

We are always looking for fun and meaningful ways to bring the community closer to our vision and, well, bring $FORWARD closer to their wallets, while we are at it! Especially if you are one of the artists who submitted your art in the meme contest, this is your chance to get rewarded!

Similar to the meme contest, our winners will receive the following exclusive prizes:

  • 1st place: $50 worth of $FORWARD* + Forward Exclusive Club Membership
  • 2nd place: $50 worth of $FORWARD*
  • 3rd place: $30 worth of FORWARD*

*The price of $FORWARD will be in accordance to the current market price at the date of distribution.

Get your brushes out! The clock is already ticking! Distinguish yourself as an artist by bringing your own style to Forward’s art contest and make our jaws drop!

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