Forward Protocol Monthly Review — January

Forward Protocol
4 min readJan 31, 2023

Finally, a new wave of optimism is spreading throughout the blockchain space, and we love to see it! We could not have asked for a better way to start the year.

After the month we just had, we’ll take the liberty to file January under the “successful month” folder. Throughout the month, we committed all our resources to progress our vision throughout January. Even before the DeFi space got back on its upward trajectory, we remained focused on delivering the vision we promised our community.

How did we do it?

Forward Partnerships 🤝

Forward Protocol does not compete with anyone; we collaborate with everyone to make the blockchain adoption vision straightforward and rewarding.

All our partners and collaborators share a common belief — working together to create a user-friendly DeFi experience for our communities. We are connecting DeFi innovations and traditional finance systems to deliver the ultimate blockchain-based ecosystem on a user-friendly interface that anyone can easily access and use without any technical knowledge.

January gave us new partners and collaborators committed to progressing the blockchain space. Meet them -

  • Partnership with Liqd to unlock innovative liquidity solutions in the NFT market space.
  • Partnership with Bitgert — with a grant award and Brise Chain integration into Forward Factory.
  • Partnership with Kima to leverage our dynamic and innovative interoperability and liquidity solutions to improve the Web3 user experience.

Forward Masterminds 💡

Forward Protocol is a product of visionaries working together to build the infrastructure to make blockchain adoption seamless. Our in-house masterminds also have extensive connections to the leading minds within the blockchain space.

Our co-founders are thought leaders who offer unique and expert insights based on their vast knowledge and experience of professional environments and the blockchain space.

This month, Mr. KEY made some impactful contributions to the DeFi space. He was -

One of our all-time favorite personalities, Kamalakannan Venkatraman, the Co-Founder of AME Chain, also made our month memorable with his glowing endorsement.

Looking Forward ⏩

The future is exciting, but that’s not the only thing that keeps us moving. With a community like ours, partners committed to our common goals, and a core team dedicated to our ultimate vision, the only way is forward. The blockchain moves forward when innovations complement each other, and we truly believe this!

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